Love Letter

High School Love

I remember how it started

when he saw you over there

You were sitting right by

your sexy, sexy friend

Then he told his friend

to hook him up with her

I went up to you

and so you met that day

He was kind of upset

I picked you instead

Your friend was so much cuter

then you will ever be

He said whatever

you weren’t that ugly

You had a cute body

that he wouldn’t mind entering

So he took you for a ride

and I know you liked it

He said it himself

it wasn’t all that bad

Somewhere along the line

he fell for your body

I can’t believe it

he fell in love with you

O well I thought

you would make a good mother

Then come to find out

you’re a freaking feminist

He didn’t think twice

he’s all for women’s right

Big mistake I said

since you walked right over him

It’s so funny now

how he could fall for it

I mean on the real

you’re really not his type

He said you were everything

and you felt the same way

I told him it wasn’t true

but love is very blind

So know the kid is mad

because he fell for you

He was just talking to me

about how much he loved you

Good thing it was in the past

because that means he’s threw

How could you tell him that

you know he not that dumb

About time I thought

no one deserves your treatment

He treated you too good

that was the main problem

Baby you don’t look that good

straight up you don’t deserve him

I told him he was out of your league

now he finally believes me

He told me how you said to him

you didn’t love him

You said you didn’t care for him

and you still wanted to be with  him

I always doubted your intelligence

news flash he did too

Your one dumb girl

to say something like that

Well I’m glad it finally happened

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You man, this girl was ugly and she thought she was all that. I sent this to her, freaking girl messing with my friend!

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Have you felt so lost in a world

where everything just doesn't seem to go right for you?

Have you felt so lonely in your life

when all those beside you abandoned you?

Have you ever felt so betrayed

when every of your loved ones conspired against you?

Have you felt so confused in your life

when everyone just started saying

the opposites about you?

Have you ever lost your freedom in life

when people started ordering you around,

demanding what? why? how? when? where?

you should do,

and even threatening you?

Fret not nor despire

if you are experiencing anyone or all of the above,

for you are not alone.

I am going through  these from years together.

Being left in an isolated world,

to defend myself is always not easy.

I am only quarter past my age

almost halfway of my life,

Am i young or old enough to know

what is good for myself?

To take care of myself?

I'm not too sure...

but isn't it like living a life, without a 'life'.

When all my movements are controlled.

When all my feelings are ruined.

Now, nothing left for me to fight,

or  feel glad about.

Who are my friends friends and why?

If  i need  to keep all my emotions,

feelings, sadness, to msyelf.

Why don't I trust anyone?

Not even my beloved parents,

nor  my lover whohad sworn her  love for life!

Have I not been by them all!

Yes, they are they :  ALL MY LOVED ONES!

what do i want to do next?

why am I  filled with hatre?,

Now I can only seek revenge,

even on the day i die.

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Dark Heart

Scottish bagpipes upon the moors,

Song of death from the bloody war.

The battle fought took many a life,

Even the moon stayed hid on this night.

He stood tall and proud, though inside emotions raged,

He vowed this would not be the final chapter, but the beginning of a new page.

One by one, and more to come his clan had been felled,

But on this night the mightiest of all would send them all to hell.

No. The invaders had not stopped with the warriors,

But darkened each of the villagers doors.

He saw women, and their children all slain,

And only a few were lucky to remain.

“Death to the intruders revenge shall come

There shall be no  peace for your brothers nor sons.

You will be hunted, no mercy shall I give,

For I am Dark Heart, and I still live.’

Annisa, she had been his foreseen bride,

In two months time, she would have forever been by his side.

As he fought in the bloody battle, he lost her from his sight,

And when it was over the Good man was giving her the Last Rites.

“NOOOOOO” he screamed,” It cannot be,

By the powers please do not take her from me.”

But nothing could be done to she could not be saved,

And he swore revenge, as she rested in her grave.

Many moons had passed since that night,

And true enough dark heart continued the fight.

One by one the enemy succumbed to his blade,

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, none got away.

For he was Dark Heart, his name was spoken with fear,

So silent and quick no one knew where he would next appear.

Years, months, weeks, and days, his quest he carried on,

In one minute in then out, he was gone.

His legend grew, and grew, and grew,

How much was lie, how much was truth?

Tales told were sometimes stretched, other times less,

But it did not matter none to Dark Heart, for he was the best.

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Hey Hoe

Hey there, little bitch!

Who the fuck do you think you are?

I was there I’d beat your ass,

It’s a shame I live so far!

You’re thinking you’re all THIS and THAT,

Like you can have my man…

Your skanky ass had better hide good,

If you even TRY to take a stand!

I’m fuckin tired of your shit,

You AND your stank ass mouth!

You keep flappin your jaws~ and saying he’s yours,

Like you’re runnin the god damn house!

Think you’re better than me?

Bitch I’ll knock you the fuck out!

You never even loved him did ya?

You don’t what loves about!

Think that you can play the game?

You’re time is CLEARLY running out,

If ya see me coming~ you better run,

You’ll be too scared to even shout!

Your ass is too fuckin stupid,

To realize what you let go…

But get over it bitch, he’s all mine now,

Stop being a fuckin hoe!

If you’d realize your fucking place,

My respects would be much higher.

You can’t be burned if you are the flame,


Bitch what?!? You think I’d be afraid?

What have I got to lose??

You couldn’t even SPELL stupidity,

So who do YOU think he’d chose?

Look at your stupid ass,

Fuckin him till it hurt.

He didn’t want you once!

Unless it was 6 feet under dirt!

But you keep begging and begging,

Thinking that he’ll take you back.

Well now you’re locked on the hoe train ,

And ain’t getting off that track!

You’re pleading for forgiveness,

Saying, “oh please! oh please!”

Pulling all the tricks…

So get up off you’re knees!

I suggest you check yourself,

And you better do it quick.

But even after the realization,

You’d still be beggin for more dick!

Get over your past pathetic life,

You weren’t good enough and never WILL be!

He’s moved on to something MUCH better,

And that something is clearly… ME!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My boyfriends ex was trying to take him back. Stupid her. :0P

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Here you are

Here you are

Back again.

Treating me like





Here you are

Paying the whore

That you call "Love."

Here you are

Casting a spell upon me

To forget everything I've wanted and

Everything I've needed

In the hopes that you could make

What I need and what I want to be you.

Here you are

With that

Same old

Stupid face.

Here you are

Opening your arms

For a



Here I am

Spitting in your mouth


Making you swallow it whole.

Here I am

Scratching your back

'Til it bleeds.

Here I am

Kicking down the door

And watching your rotting brain.

Here you are

Walking shamefully away.

You've been defeated in your


Cat and Mouse game.

The little one won this time.

The little one won this time.

The little one won this time.

Here you are

Dying by my arms.

Here I am

Not giving a damn.

You had it coming.

You knew you had it coming.

Here you are.


Because I'm your dirty little whore

Why don't you pay me once more?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written 8/13/03

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Kill to live

its madness

Falling from the sky

And to be and end all to see

I can't go on to live free

I just can't

Live your life so very well

While I'm rotting in my hell

You have 19 of ever 20

Leaving only 1 for me...

Your tower looms across the sky

while mine is just a humble arch

that sits atop a lonely hill,

and kill to thrill and hear me shrill

as I break these chains and end my pains

and take what is rightly mine...

I'll chase you from the barren plain

and fight you for your endless reign

murder for vengeance and mercy for death

reaper needs a tic tac, you can smell his awfull breath

life unwinding like a spool, lets get this over with...

Start running

Cuz I'm coming

nothing can save your filthy rich a**

I've got you sighted in my scope


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well, think about this: you could walk down the streets of any town, and see homeless people that live on the streets.  You could also see a rich buisnessman who could care less about buying them ONE MEASLY loaf of bread.  That's really sad people.  Just sad.

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Shed me like a second skin

yet continue to hide the evil within

Drop me without a second thought

Falling into the pain you brought

If I placed a mirror beside you

I am convinced it could see through

the layers of masks upon your face

Causing them to vanish without a trace

You shall be left with your reflection

Exposed to the world without protection

Run as fast as you may travel

yet the many layers shall be unraveled

I shall chase you close, holding the end

of a mask that will not cover again

Your reality shall be revealed to all

as soon as I lift myself up from the fall

You shall plead for your abandoned skin

the one which concealed the evil within

Yet I obtain my own soul, and do not need

to follow the steps of your deceptive lead

As the masks crumble one by one

and the world around you comes undone

Attempt to find an honest soul inside

Creating a place where you will not hide

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I want nothing from you

which is all I can expect

from an individual

who seeks anger to collect

Take away your false truths

and begin to select

jars of sympathy

and barrels of respect

Or continue to measure

every flaw and defect

Controlling my direction

Owning me only to correct

It will not occur again,

for the last time I checked,

I saw myself alone

completely bruised and wrecked

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not one of my best, but I like it anyway!

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Space filled in an empty universe,

Crّssed ّut with nّ value.

I was never anything tّ yّu

And yّu were never there in the first place.

Why fight a battle against nّthing?

A battle yّu can never win.

Back and fّrth between yّur emّtiّns,

Sّ happy and sّ sad at the same time.

Crّss ّut my eyes

And zerّ in ّn what it all means.

Find a new fucking way,

Because tّmّrrّw is anّther day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again, another one for my ex.

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