open eyes

Veiled Splendor



Simple treasures,

A divine line separating

Other divine things.

A balance of art hangs

In you, in me, in the world.

Simple treasures,

A notion of abstractions

Dying to be noticed.

An eruption follows through.

In you, in me, in the world.

Simple treasures,

In light and in the absence

Amongst the in between.

Harvest the seconds in time

In you, in me, in the world.

Simple treasures,

Morality bends in shapely ways

Across mountains and seas.

Blossoming like flowers

In you, in me, in the world.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Everything is waiting to be seen..

WHAT R WE LOOK N 4 by bipolarschizo33

to be honest with you all.
it once took a man 3 weeks to see me the first time,
and the first date i got stood up.
maybe he picks his kids up as an excuse not to see me now
or he could want someone else.
if i scare you now then there is no point.
i'm not like dating a horror movie
but my sense of humor can get disturbing
because i think its funny.
i'm not uptight
with a pineapple jammed up my backside.
if soldiers got scared,
who would protect us?
battles get ugly-
so why is a man scared of me?
you might not be a boy really.
just a man in tune with your heart.
its good to keep your heart young
but your mind should become wise to all things.
I just want to stop meeting cowards
because they pi88 me off more then anything else in this world.
I use to think I was one
but I face all my fears every chance I get.
both my parents were in the millitary for 8 years
and my mother became a sargeant
and my grandmother was so strict with us growing up
she should have worked for the government
because as a child she gave us permission to cry once
when we both got pnemonia
but every other time
she told us to shut up and be tough.
So we are.
Its best to teach your child to survive
but they can learn to love later.
Another thing,
men get pi88ed off
because i'm capable of sucking the fun out of things
and i put words in their mouth
like i'm reading their mind.
i would not have to do this,
if they would communicate with me.
i won't apologize for being so da8n intelligent.
i can't get stupid to make a man feel better.
not going to happen.
i don't even read books
but yet i can out talk and out think most men
because they choose to be ignorant.
so what would impress me?
a man that will have courage enough to stay anyway
even if i read his mind and do most of the talking.
but really it should be 50/50 talking
or a little more or less-
but i can't find that anywhere.
bottom line-
i want everything that i need,
not everything i want.
the grass is only green for real relationships,
not that stuff you see on tv or read about in books.
4 other things to know include:
I have one STD.
I am outspoken.
I don't drive.
I am unemployed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

searching for a soulmate.

my abstract view

Life goes on

My abstract view is all I see

Leaving me a daze and dizzy,

Nothing I see lines up perfectly

Just patch's and blocks

From what used to be,

This obscure view

It will not go away quickly,

Vision a blur not like before.

I finally see this abstract

Life, I have been immune to.

My eyes wide open,

I can see my abstract view

Starting to clear, my future

Ahead a good one to come.

An image once abstract

Now a portrait for everyone to see  

How clean my life is going to be

Without the


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