new passion

What A Find

I met you one cold night in February

I compared you to the boy next door

Your flannel shirt and loose blue jeans flattered you to a T

I felt a spark when we first laid eyes on one another

What A Find


It's now been over a month since that night we became aquainted

And I thank God I decided to let you into my life

I feel as if we've known each other for ages

If only you weren't taken

She's one lucky girl I do know that

I'd love to have you as my own

So I could be there with you to share your hopes

We share the same dreams and it's crazy how well we get scares me

As I look back at what we've gone through so far I thank God and say, man

What A Find

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my heart smoulders,

the gas-infused crimson surfaces, 

leaks out,

hissing lava snakes


           from my snow-veined summit.

Fresh love has begun to mend this wounded cinder plain, where my forest stood, whittled to the bone. 


Reborn dreams

stack up, 

flow upon flow,


their tongues

to steam

the twilight air.


Prying mists quarry this brittle crag-rim'd volcano,

scuffing boulders into the molten heart-core.

Reclaiming syrupy ripples shimmer off the evening's breath

arcing ladders from this midnight sun,

keeper of my flame. 

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