Satanic Serenades

Deep In The West there is a place

A testament to Darwinian grace

Thunder under scaly feet

Roam the earth once more


Home of beasts primeival

Eyes aglow at dusk

Climb inside, a dream made reality

A visionary's quest manifest!

Monolithic creatures stare

Out upon the land

Inspiring fear and fascination

Scientific investigation

Fossils and carbon dating

Not meandering from the truth

Evolutionary exploration

Discoveries of what always was

Shall be revealed again!


Walk the path of natures squall

Adaptation, great and small

Leviathan, Behemoth thrall

Heed the Giants' call!

Prehistoric playground of the mind

Arise through mists of endless time

Quake the earth by shadows fall

Crusader crushed beneath clawed prong

Lamb consumed in bloody jaws

Devoured by predatory throng

Splinters of the cross picked clean

Rex and Dinny, King and Queen!


Realm of fire, realm of ice

Garden of terror and delights

Survival of the fittest might

Kingdoms, fight or flight

Echoes in our bones

Land of strongest life!

From smoke and raging flame

Magmatic force, new life springs forth

Black mountains, jagged rocks, labyrinthine caves

Coursing winds, pass and canyon flow

Recall the ancient stage

From blood and ash, Cabazonia is named!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a trip to visit The Cabazon Dinosaurs in Cabazon, CA., a prehistoric total environment.

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