mom son love

My Lessons. My Scars.

lesson one,
Mama said do it on my own,
that fragments of my life consist of people who care nothing about you,
leeches to the skin that provides good health,
but behind doors was not a kid worried about the wrong in man,
but only the wrong in himself,
scratch my face away,
lesson two,
mama said do it on my own,
to be my own provider,
realize that the ocean goes further than the eye when sitting on the sands of the beach,
the present will soon be a distant memory,
People only want what you have to offer,
mama says,
the marks on my back and legs were not of anger but of love,
the blood dripping from the pores on my skin were mere signs of a lesson well learned,
the dark closet like an endless abyss full of my minds worst nightmares was my thinking place,
lesson three,
the church teaches the priest prieches the holy uncle touches,

is it right to search the light,

better days will come i say,
better days will come mama says,

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