loving two men



I love two men

I know not what to do

They are so similar

Yet so different too


One I couldn’t keep

To many said no

I tried to hold on

Although it hurt me so


Now I’m with the other

Who is as good as the one before

I can keep him, I know

But now my heart is torn


I want them both

But I can’t do that

Why is this so confusing

I want two but I can’t have that



Written on

December 04, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written about two men, while I cant remember whom the other was the one was named Mike Aversa (I think I speled it right.) He was the one that "too many people had said no" about. I know why know. I was beaten not long after. When that weekend was over left him. Now this is the only reminder I have, besides my memories.

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