love poem with an expression of faith in God's Will


Empty nights
Except for the moon and stars
Which give me company
Along with Ronnie my faithful dog.
Everybody else is busy
Friends and acquaintances
And even my beloved, rare woman.
Is mankind really the best of creation?
Why then were we sent down from above?
And why all these trials and tribulations?
These talks about sin and punishment
Abounding all around the world?
O God Almighty what's going on
On this planet of yours?
You made me
From my ancestors' remains
And my first father and mother
You created in Eden.
And breathed Your spirit in Adam
Why then this solitary suffering
For my body, heart, mind and soul
Why is the better half of my spirit
So far far away, torn apart from mine?
Did I too disobey You
in some better world
For which You have thrown me here
And my soul-mate across the seas?
The heart is a lonely abode my dear God!
And my beloved too longs to be
With me...just as passionately as I do here...
Struggling with these empty nights
With the stars and moon and Ronnie
While most of the world sleeps
Wide awake even though dead tired
Hoping for the day --
The day when I can reunite with my beloved...
She sings me songs and soothes me
As much as she can
Whenever possible...
And with all her loving heart and soul
My angst increases on these cold nights
As I miss her tender, loving care, with an intensity
Which only You can guage...
But isn't this suffering too much?
You O my most loving Creator!
Say you love us more than seventy mothers
And seventy fathers can ever love...
Then pray I to Thee
How can you bear to see me
Like this, pining and craving
For the true love You created just for me?
For how long
Is this vast space penitentiary of Your universe
Meant to keep me cleft apart
From the woman who loves me truly?
Adam and Eve paid their penalty
They met on the Mount of Mercy.*
Am I in greater debt to Thee?
Tell me O my silent Lord of all worlds
Where and when
Is the time of of meeting my beloved
Destined for me?
The hideous shadows of unseen gloom
Encompass me like a thousand banshees
Laughing at me in these dark hours...
O Good and Most Loving God!
I feel deep within
And end up sadder than before
As time keeps ticking away
O my All-aware Merciful God!
I beseech Thee for a response:
When will it be?
O Compassionate Father, do tell me
Or send a sign in these silent hours
Of my somewhat unending lonely nights...
When will this prolonged saga of separation end?

(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on February 23, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*MOUNT OF MERCY: Described in Holy Scriptures as the place where Adam and Eve reunited after being sent down to Earth for disobeying God Almighty in Eden. It is known as the "Jabl-e-Rahmat" in Arabic and is in Makkah's outskirts in Saudi Arabia.

Written after pondering on God, His universe, His creation and the mystery of being separated from my beloved, rare woman....


Why am I like "Antonio"

The "Merchant of Venice"?

Why do I feel sad

Without knowing why?

My ships are also at sea

And I too have to deal with many "Shylocks"

Yet unlike "Antonio"

I am not without love

I am very luck to be loved overwhelmingly

By my quiet and sensitive, adorable woman.

Yet when the sun sets and the night begins

I start feeling sadder and sadder


Perhaps I did know why....

But there is only silence and no reply

Or even a caring sigh

From anybody near and around me

I am lonely even in the company

Of so many men and women

And the tavern is no longer in my way of living

For I bid it an adieu

After finding peace in the will of the one I love most

My Allah, my Lord God Almighty....

Yet I wish I knew:

Why even among so many

I feel I need her so intensely

To never ever feel lonely....

(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on February 19, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 


This poem is also an inspiration after the evening walk back to my room on February 19, 2011.

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How uncertain everything is tonight
The stars and the moon remain hidden
By dark clouds looming and threatening
Of a severe and thunderous storm!
Yet I can see beyond
With the vision God has given me
And despite the fears of disasters
Faith in God keeps me ever warm.
Let the softness of the breeze
Hum me a sweet lullaby of love
That takes me if even for a while
Into the Paradise that is above.
I am facing a host of problems
And the cold season is biting too
Yet my faith in my God Almighty
Is strengthening me more and more.
And even though I had a tough day
I know I will eventually have my way
God willing, the odds stacked against me
Will melt and I will be on my way...
To where my beloved, rare woman
Waits for me with growing impatience
I am sure that God will help me
And very soon I will become her man.
The sixth moon is smiling quietly
Very subtly from behind the sneaking clouds
And hushing to me via the ether
That God will work out His plan neatly.

(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed on February the 10th, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired like several other poems before this by the love of my beloved, rare woman, who is waiting for me, very impatiently and with all her love ....the odds posed snags as the day and evening went by but my faith in God Almighty tells me deep within that He will make us meet in His own, mysteriously planned, neat way.

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