How uncertain everything is tonight
The stars and the moon remain hidden
By dark clouds looming and threatening
Of a severe and thunderous storm!
Yet I can see beyond
With the vision God has given me
And despite the fears of disasters
Faith in God keeps me ever warm.
Let the softness of the breeze
Hum me a sweet lullaby of love
That takes me if even for a while
Into the Paradise that is above.
I am facing a host of problems
And the cold season is biting too
Yet my faith in my God Almighty
Is strengthening me more and more.
And even though I had a tough day
I know I will eventually have my way
God willing, the odds stacked against me
Will melt and I will be on my way...
To where my beloved, rare woman
Waits for me with growing impatience
I am sure that God will help me
And very soon I will become her man.
The sixth moon is smiling quietly
Very subtly from behind the sneaking clouds
And hushing to me via the ether
That God will work out His plan neatly.

(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed on February the 10th, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired like several other poems before this by the love of my beloved, rare woman, who is waiting for me, very impatiently and with all her love ....the odds posed snags as the day and evening went by but my faith in God Almighty tells me deep within that He will make us meet in His own, mysteriously planned, neat way.

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