lesbian love

For You, Whoever You Are (Dream Girl Blues)

The Letters


When I find you,


I will start to make sense 

Your laughter will hit me like 

a fatal hurricane

your presence will sting like 

an empty bed


I will melt completely

 to a puddle 

I will invite you to dive in

and swim 

as if you are

careless of drowning 


You will have to 

break me down into

pieces small enough to

fit in your pockets

just so your fingertips can always 

feel me there

with you


and I will write you love letters

I will lick your name across my lips 

I will follow your soul into the masses


until the lights go out


then I will color your eyes into stars

I will set flame to my own body

if it is what you want

I will be the miracle you did not

know you were praying for


I will set right the chaos of

your maddening heart

and find you


because mine will touch you in

places my hands cannot 


I have been sweating

for your love

I have been shaking in

the coldness of

let downs 



from the violence of waiting for


what never comes 







I have grown like a wild garden in
her absense
like morning glories leaning towards the sun
If she were to look at me,
she would not know how to turn away her gaze
Her hands would lightly touch me as if I were

as if I might break
But she is not aware
that every moment I have survived from her,
my roots grew like cosmic energy,
they spread like lymphatic disease
I am someone else entirely
More beautiful than she remembers
with more colors than the spectrum of light can hold


Yet there are some nights,
where I travel into the shadows
where the darkness consumes entirely and
I close up
terrified of the reality that she does not love me

       if ever at all


She thinks I am weak
But heartbreak leads to many virtues



  to still grow when
no one is watching

   to still want her
  to fall asleep at night without crying


I have grown like a wild garden
like ivy up a tree
But she is not looking for me any longer
Her lost heart chases some other prize
and that is too bad...
because if she knew me now


she would love me again



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It's Okay, Mercury Was In Retrograde

Hambre del Alma


You bit your tongue when
you ate your own words
I wiped up the mess
I explained the fallout for
the gigantic bomb you set off
It was Wednesday,

we made love
and spoke of planets


You covered your bases,

had me read up on it

closed your eyes and thought I

didn't know you were pretending I was someone else

and honey you should know...


I faked it.

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Advertisement For Love



I want a thousand hard kisses
A sigh so lasting that
my plastic lungs burst

show me an unstained tongue
cook me carnitas,

wearing nothing


Take my hand
and put it where it hurts
where it aches for something infinite
I can take you to Eden with
just two fingers
your lover doesn't know
what I am capable of


A poet's lips don't miss a beat sweetheart.


Prove Me Wrong



Cheap beer
Cheaper liquor

fills my days
heightens my nights

I've got time darling
and a heart that needs healing
So come on
lift up that skirt
show me something in this world I haven't seen

Set things right


I got nothing to lose


But I'll bet you do


You could be the one
make me forget
make me collapse on your face,
with all you've got inside me

Catch a feeling or two
I won't use you

I won't tear your dress or
make you cry
But I know how this plays out


eventually we all go home


head our separate ways


For once,
I want to be proven wrong.


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I Hope It Rains Tonight

The Letters


We dance upon shards of glass, my love
I am weak from a dangerous embrace that slipped away
It never happened
You are almost where I want you,

a fleeting thought


I keep dying slowly in front of you
Your dark eyes watch and itch at scars
A smile forms at the corners of your lips


My hands tear away at my own veins and

you admire the artwork


Always feeling numb
You watch me squirm

Say nothing
then comfort me

then push me out



you'll look past the rain
and tie the noose

maybe you'll search for the
clear skies that will take me away forever

I want to tell you, never look back up...


clouds will only tell you that I was

never done loving you



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Crimson and Clover



After two beers and one hour,
you had me against the wall of your kitchen
I remember it feeling cold on my back,
but your hands were on fire
It was sex and poison
And even now
I still can't drink enough of you
No matter how dead I feel inside

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Dark Royalty (Gothic Girl)


Gothic girl
Queen of my world
Manager of my company
Gatekeeper of my heart
Undertaker of my cemetery

Princess of dark royalty
Royalty is our romance
Our kiss of death
And reincarnation

Naked dancing in our queen size bed
Worshiping the ground she walks upon
Worshiping every inch of her body

Driving me crazy
Driving me crazy
Driving me crazy

Not being able to have her
But to dream how it would be

Gothic girl
Captain of my ocean
Key to my treasure chest
A door that is ever been ope
To have hope there is a you and me

Another life of a unique personality
Complete, no clashing auras
A type that is one of a kind
A person again I could fall for

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have always Imagined a Specific Woman, of my Dreams... I can't put it to Exact Detail of what my Fantasy Girl would be like. I'm sure she will be just as Weird and Unusual as I am. And she will be Royalty in my Eyes.. once I find her.

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Distance is everywhere.

It sinks into our bones late at night,

when the stars shine to remind us 

they are just one more thing we will never grasp with our

empty hands.

You were so quiet on the drive home,

the distance between present and future seemed to stretch


on the road before us.

But then you turned to me at a stoplight

and took my face in yours hands and whispered the words

that close distance like a flame goes out before it's ready.

Distance separated us again,

but it will always be your fingers on my jawline and those three words 

that bring me back home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a very lovely girlfriend whom I adore completely. She wrote me a poem today. All the words in the above poem came from her heart, not mine. She has an amazing talent for writing and I thought I should share a piece of her's she wrote to me that takes me breath away everytime. I love you, Nicole <3

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