Distance is everywhere.

It sinks into our bones late at night,

when the stars shine to remind us 

they are just one more thing we will never grasp with our

empty hands.

You were so quiet on the drive home,

the distance between present and future seemed to stretch


on the road before us.

But then you turned to me at a stoplight

and took my face in yours hands and whispered the words

that close distance like a flame goes out before it's ready.

Distance separated us again,

but it will always be your fingers on my jawline and those three words 

that bring me back home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have a very lovely girlfriend whom I adore completely. She wrote me a poem today. All the words in the above poem came from her heart, not mine. She has an amazing talent for writing and I thought I should share a piece of her's she wrote to me that takes me breath away everytime. I love you, Nicole <3

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