in a car

i remeber a time

not so long ago

rolled up in your yard

and we decided to go talk in the car

about how our lives will go so far

and i never realized

the look in your eye

a distration

with some disatisfation

left a bad taste in my mouth

words flew out

and so did diner

but i walked away

for another day b/c it seemed

right now

wasnt a good confrontation

but i had to let it go

because i know you\

and how you are....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

when you look back at the  fights you had they wer never really that bad

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notes plucked and strummed

heard from a distance

we slowly approach the room

a figure jumps out into the hall

yelling (singing?) out words,

about nothing and everything

the rest of us glance at eachother,

with a slight roll of our eyes,

amused none the less,

as he tones it down a bit by singing of

unravelled sweaters;

peace and quiet was already unravelled

some time ago,

but we're past the point of caring.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about my friend Max

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don't let me down

  i miss you so much

  even though i say that i'm over you.

you were a dream.(come true)

i screwed it all up.

  i regret everytime i complained to you and

  treated you like crap.

i'm now deep in my mind realizing how

good you were.(to me)

  i want you back in my life.

  i want for us to be how we were.(before our fights)

i can't get over you no matter how hard i try.

i can't let go.

  come back to me, please.

  don't let me down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written 1/12/03

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like when the rain falls

but the sun continues to shine

I know that I am here

walking and breathing

living out loud

in what seems to be

a universe

of    utter    silence

An extinct species

t r a p p e d

within a subexistant matrix

of illusions

I am welcomed at sight

but never felt

and never heard

From a different world


maybe     even      another     time

A thought provoking presence

with an infinite state of mind

You see,

The more I try

the more I find myself

having to


these brotha's...

Pu$$y hungry

selfish pretenders

shallow as dust


hidden agendas

Talking mo' sh*t

with no degree

barely making

any quantity

no where near my quality

only out to get a




With a nature that lies


never seems to rise

Denims bulging

a deceptive disguise

FINE as hell

skin superficial as the lines they tell

diagnosed with a lack of substance

oh well

you     are    wasting       my    time     fool


I've got to loose you

I have sat here so long


late has become early


It was just July


now it is November

A drugstore scene

You said "Hello"


I misunderstood

And now

I can't remember


Why didn't you try


To waste my time..

To touch my world..

To feel my mind..

Dealing with you're a$$

was like walking in the darkness

You are totally elusive

as reality dictates

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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I Think I'm Going Crazy

I think I’m going crazy.

I’m fucked up in the head.

I need a psycho analysis.

I’m jumping on the bed.

I can’t tell you what it is.

I can’t tell you what I feel.

I think I’m starting to see things.

I see a big, slippery seal.

I think I’m going crazy.

Very slowly but sure.

I think I just blew up my ferret.

Is onion soup the cure?

Why is it that I think this?

Tell me, please, you’re diagnosis.

I wonder where my elephant went.

I think he’s experiencing osmosis.

I think I’m going crazy.

Wait! Did you just say banana?!

I shiska-bobbed my cat!

I’m at the Coca Cabana!

Quick! To the Hurricycle!

The world is turning hazy.

I’ve misplaced my elephant!


I think I’m going crazy!

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