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The Crescent City Below The Sea

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Creating.. Working Out.. Traveling.. Reading.. Jazz.. R&B.. & Poetry.

Mood Swings of a Brnqueen
her heritage diversified
strong in body
and pride
well versed
as she articulates feelings
the bitter sweetness of life
has forced her to rehearse…
and anger
rendering to her very self
a stranger
at times….
as she searches to find those portions
that somehow become lost
due to the priceless moments
that life has cost
existence seems so extreme sometimes
like a fork in the road
or iambic pentameter
that just doesn’t rhyme
yet closure somehow surfaces
overshadowing fear and comforting doubt
through the proclamation of a faith
that continues to teach her
what this THING is all about
this JOURNEY….
this LIFE…
this WOMAN…
this QUEEN….
who continues to grow
with every mood that challenges her to swing


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''If God were small enough for your mind,
He wouldn't be big enough for your needs..''

''...Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart,
and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind...'' Mat22:37

''...And all things, whatsoever ye shall
ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive...'' Mat21:22


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