Heart Chant

Self Directed

Sit in silence my love,

Squander in your fear.

Let the years of old soak into your skin as you nimbly hide away in your card board box of safety.

Have you succeeded on your journey?

Have you found my last tear?

Or are you still denying that you loved me so that you may wallow in your riches.

You know the demon of Greed is a fowl ally to hold near, yet you continue to within spite of me, all because I said 'no'.

Though is it really my fault that you have be-little my kind?

That you tossed around weakened hearts and torn out others pride.

It is hard fro me to say 'I love you,' when many have chanted the same tune.

Please understand that my soul is still learning how to open its' secrets to anyone, especially you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Brittany Ann Beasley

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The untitled cry

after all this time, i thought it was going good,

the special looks, the I love you's, I must of misunderstood.

you took the jump, i never said you had to take,

so for the past two weeks then I guess everythings been fake,

the i'm so happys, and your finaly mine,

why didn't you tell me no it would of been fine,

all i wanted to do was make you happy,

but I guess this is another one of my cries, to go unheard

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just another one of my sappy heartbreak poems

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Yoho yoho a pirates life for me

Nono nono a ninja's life for she

Really what does she really want to be?

Yoho yoho a pirate ninja vampire life for ME!

Author's Notes/Comments: 


god I'm stupid.

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Friendship vs. Sex/Loss

High school

Holding the torch of a fleeting friendship,

against the gathering darkness that is loss.

Fighting to keep those who are close

but all the while lossing them to Sex.

Some how the world begins to simply revolve,

around the act and feeling of Sex.

Once that feeling is felt none wish it to go.

There lives are sacrifised to the addiction,

feeding their life where friends once stood.

Few remain who know the truth,

even less remain who care to fight.

once thrown aside friendship is hard to find.

For a friend to feel like nothing

they must be treated like less than nothing.

unfortunate that those who try and help

are forced to become lower then respectable.

When they are extinguished from your life

you become the one who is trully beyond respect

Her Friendship and Betrayal Will be Remembered

  By Those Who Once Held Her In Their Hearts

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Girls, part II

girls are not saccharine

candy sweet bitches

females are often

just scars on the earth

so often their wrongs

feel like sears on my palms

women will be women

men will be men

together they head to the cherry bomb pen

we are just paintings

fueled by the sunset

slow down on chokers

those ropes get old fast

women will be women

men will be men

together they head to the cherry bomb pen

the videos running

are all about bombings

often you wonder why

they care anymore

sugarplum fairies

don't dance for peanuts

and girls will be girls

and boys will be boys

neither gender will ever share toys

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part II of a set I wrote after a rather fierce rejection.

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life in a tree hollow

i have lived for twenty years,

each one disconnected,

in a tree hollow.

i never knew of hate

or prejiduce

or lust

or sugar cane

until i tore apart my sap-binded shutters

and fell in to the undergrowth.

there i found a million cities,

each one more scatterheart

than the last.

i played them on my hands:

cars within my thumbprints,

a lover's breath on my palm,

and sin on my fingertips.

i longed to be far from it.

for twenty years

i lived in a tree hollow;

nature was my mother

and bark dust was my only stain.

now i shiver under the ivy

and eat the hearts of pigs,

unable to scramble back up--

to hide in my utopian hole.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Because Paradise is lovely to think about, but not fathomable when you know that there is something other than it.

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The Princess

What’s up with this shit, why you mad?

You act so angry, try to make me sad

You want to see me cry

I laugh, because I’d like to see you try

No matter what you do you can’t take me down

Even if you beat my ass to the ground

I won’t cry I won’t make a sound

Because what goes around comes around

You say I lie, you want me to die


Because I hooked up with your guy

Get ova it you’re dead and buried

When I kissed him I wasn’t even worried

He’s your ex, Move on to the next

Stop holding on to childish habits

Telling people I like to reproduce like rabbits

That’s gay the way you say

Her pants fall at the drop of a pin

Acting like wearing a skirt is a sin

When you wear one every day

So say what you want to say

And do what you want to do because ill still be me and you’ll still be you

Ill be the girl and you’ll be the ho

People tell you you’re a bitch and you’ll say so

You say I did shit like this last year

Say s the shit to my face,

Let me hear,

Wow, How

Could this be?

You got nothing to say

It’s because you don’t got shit on me

Alone your quiet in two’s your silent

But in three’s you attack

One day this will come back

And people will yak

About how you were a fucker

Treating everyone like a sucker

So when you die

Ill go there and sigh

She was a princess

But she went bad

And that’s the part

That makes me sad

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You can't run



you can't run, you can't hide

you can't hold it deep inside

you can't hold grudges, you can't yell

cause all that will bring is hell

walking through darkness so far

trying to find that special star

running from the past

thinking the pain will last

trying to make your heart forget

all bad memories you will regret

now your hope is gone

a spirit like a sad song


blaming it on everyone else

going away, pouting all day

killing yourself

taking a drive

staying alive

making a spirit low

saying I hate you so

never admitting you were wrong

a spirit like a sad song


you have no place to go

no place to stay

how were you to know

it would end this way


surrender, remember

you will see light

everything will be all right

just reach for the sky

and remember it's okay to cry


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The Game Pt. 1 (He Thinks He Has Them Fooled)

3rd pew back and 3rd body in

He sits in his usual Sunday seat

Tie in a square knot, white shirt buttoned up

Clean cut and clean shaven, tidy and neat

Soundly he sings the hymns

Bows his head for the opening prayer

Silently listens the what the preacher preaches

And procedes to return to nowhere

On his way home his radio dial

Tends to make a sudden change

The gospel he played just seconds before

Finds itself to be musicaly astranged

He goes through the motions every week

Nobody knows what lies within

His heart is surely of honest intention

But only for looks will he be God's friend

The number of times he has heard the truth

Surely exeeds fifteen

But he chooses to hide behind ignorance

And to allow the truth to go unseen

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about a man that we all might consider hipocrytical to one nature or another.  But one day he'll discover the truth...

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