so candy stripes

your words are big

your fights are on

a peppermint sprig

you say you're tough

but love guess what

saying it is not enough

so candy stripes

your hair is wound

from little crosses

on the bound

and you treat me like

i'm not even there

just another girl

with some more brown hair

but i'm here

and i hear

you're gonna pull out the big guns this time

you say you're tough

but love guess what

saying it is not enough

you say you're tough

but love guess what

saying it is not enough

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Chocolate Professor

awfully nice out

wouldn't you say so

are you too busy

with the sugar cup

have you had enough yet

chocolate professor

sweet man of marriage

up at the altar

preaching about plastic

while grading papers

chocolate professor

ink-stained fingers

you've smudged my name

up in the corner

have you forgotten

chocolate professor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Chocolate Professor" ended up being one of my most popular poems and my most acclaimed collection. I finally had control of the voices inside of my head (although Professor Crumbuttom actually didn't arrive until much later), and I was willing to tell their stories. It was frightening, but lovely...anyway! A 'chocolate professor' is a man who may love a person, but is too stuck on himself to show it. It's sort of a penned phrase now. XD

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a pain of MY back

BENEATH the flesh

from their gnarled teeth

the muscle twitches


and shrivels

hissing in the FOOLISHNESS

of their hypocrisy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my first "I'm so pissed I don't care" moments. No, really, this became a popular motif for me! It was only after finishing StRMb that I realized I needed to use poetry as an escape for my anger. Otherwise, I was dumping all of my happy thoughts in to there...which was stupid. Really stupid.

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Criticizing the Immature

You criticize other people,

Take a look at yourself.

You laugh at him cause he's different.

That just shows your sense of maturity.

the most important thing is on the inside,

but you can't see that.

You're too focused on the outside.

look into someone's eyes oneday.

You will see much more than just an image.

You will see what they are like on the inside.

But you won't talk to them, Because they are different.

Wake up, look around, no one is perfect.

so don't tease people when you notice it,

Cause they sure won't change for you anytime soon.

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touch me for I won't break

but kiss me and I will quake

hold my hand by the summer lover's lake

love me and with its force I will likely shake

but first take me to your heart for my own and God's sake

rip my soul apart but do not pick my muddled brain

my desire for you I can not so easily feign

sleep with me the sleep of lovers tonight

for you feel so incredibly warm and we so impossibly


stay with me

play with me  

at the breakfast table well passed the morn

'til we both are lovingly tired sated and well beyond merely being worn

sing to me of love and soon future wed

then sweep me back up into your arms and carry me

back off to your bed

eat me up with your storm filled eyes

that shower like thunder and crash like tides

help me to love in a manner just so fair

and I can help you to be self assured  assertive and to share

consider yourself mine completely and forever

for I am yours as well


we'll always stay together.........

(written Oct 5,1984)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a high school girl writing such stuff who'd have thunk it lol.

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hello you

do you wish to love me like only you do

healthy and true

that is you

your smile is nearly as warm

as your heart is pure

your touch is so very gentle

yet your love unbelievably demure

you're not only intelligent but quite


and for you please note

that I would pay almost any ransom

but we're so very different

do you think our much too new love

can somehow grow

everything was beautiful

very beautiful

that fair lover's fall

for while I'm with you

I think of no breathing other

I only fantasize about being your

friend and wife as well as lover.........

(written Sept 24,1984)

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For Teacher, With Love

I don't like my teacher.

She tells me what to do.

I'll get her in trouble

And I can do it too.

I shall say that she slapped me.

Yes! That should do the trick.

Who will ever realize

That my lies are so thick?

This is really going to work.

I know she deserves it.

Let's see if she can take it

As well as she serves it.

Yes, she teaches very well.

Yes, I like her classes

But I hate her discipline

And the need for passes.

So teacher, how's it going?

How do you like the heat?

Next time, when I'm in trouble

Think of this and retreat!

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Prose 'n Con

My life is empty, the future is bleak

Loneliness haunts me anew...

-Get a grip girlie. You're beyond belief!

Go make a new friend or two.

Everything's changing. My life is a mess

There is no permanence now...

-Wise up there, hot shot. Don't beat a head horse.

It's time to grow up. Know how?

My hurt is so raw, humiliating.

I cover my face in shame...

-Oh give it up chum. No one really cares.

We all have hurts just the same.

But I'm desolate! I'm ruined by love

I feel so defeated too...

-You're going to be fine. You did not love him;

He just fit like an old shoe.

You know that's not true! And he was my life!

That's why I know that it's gone...

-Nah, do not mourn him. You did not love him.

He was just a pro at con.

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Achievement Over Radio Are Tails


Impostors in a spree contaminate morning breeze

on air mimicries, dig at respectable exemplary.

Buffoonery over Radio Are Tale

Cheap senses of humour fail.

All in fun copy men, filmy style in uniform

Law keepers, ticket chequers, police, postal worker

Fake wings, fly murky designs

Out of the way from where do they come?

Break vigil, drive, and steering alarm;

unlicensed operator, locomotives;

Playing with oblivious, daily passengers lives;

Joker in a trance under alcoholic intoxication?

On the other hand, should not be they taken as

Inspirations from on Radio Are Tales.

When airy men, women forget where as to draw a line

between entertain, attract attention, or paralyse the mind

Which no more think but itch, constant?

To plant silly jokes and pranks ...

That in society boomerang; to bring laughter do not mean

Pull down authoritative beings, knowing they have risen

To fame through objectives,

sheer dedication and determinations.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem may be difficult to understand because it is very regional!

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