In My Thirst- Just Let Me Be

Caught in aging serpentine-

The lure of Mecca…

I did indulge the temptation thrill,

I let it poison every cell,

Until those treacherously chills

Forced me sprint through waters.

In my luggageable disarray

One fingerprinted day is saved forever;

The burning light inside me

Met the flicker of the welcome,

The wily shortage at the golden portal.

My blindfolded eyes did see

The sea of stars beneath my feet-

Bright fires- never touched, but dreamed.

In burning dance I let me free

To dim the pain,

To lessen my desire.

The many dances I repeated

To beg for more I did…

Could nothing humble my intense,

My blackened feet ashed down for forgiveness.

I swilled another scandalous despair;

So, in my thirst- just let me be…

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The Gratis Train

Gratis again

In that ripped, holey train;

Only a penny in my hand

Oracles the lines of my day.

So I stay

Between the toilet and that sweaty man

And sway-

Tadam- tadam, tadam-tadam…

Just that, then blank,

And again-

The rusty toilet,

Green flashing trees,

Sprinting houses,

And the silk-tie sweaty man.

As a prelude of a drama play

We weave between the city’s garbage pits.

The paid seats finally began to fill,

Smokers fall in their galore

To pin my mortal suffocation;

They know the story,

Which presents again:

You see,

Those childish bare feet,

In self indulgence deeply drenched,

Climb the peak of their sticky day

Up, where the rails leach the hill,

The busted windows shrink in squeals

To meet the stones-

The big, dirt filled, livid stones-

Where every hit bursts in irony…

In this white-collar, heavy train

No one claims insane, but the quiet…

Oh, that quiet stiffness is undeniable.

Merely the bended wheels are crying:

Tadam-tadam, tadam-tadam…

So ordinary,

The hours switch between

The sky clouds, the smoke clouds,

And then again,

In the hallways of the gratis train,

Between the bags of cans,

The aged suitcases with the metal corners,

And this umbrella stubbed between my ribs.

The man- two faces down-

With the highly pale frown

Muttering his song that goes:

Tadam-tadam, tadam-tadam…

To make himself breathe between the hush;

His head leans back on the man behind,

Can’t even reach the bottom

In fall of peace…

They won’t let him go,

(As he was just a broken window’s draft)

Same “they” will scoop him out

When the song is done:

Tadam-tadam, tadam-tadam…

I haven’t left my monotonic post.

The lavatory door swings open/close.

No windows stand in front of me,

But through the reeking hole I can see

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Not my home


The undesirable nature

The non wilted flowers

Swaying dandelions

Smooth buzz of bees

The zimmer of mosquitoes

Wind blowing through the

Circle of trees

Pine cones spin like tops

Butterflies a rushing rainbow

The sun peeking over the trees to say hello

Chatter of birds communicating

An abstract sky

With cotton fluffly clouds

With open arms blocking the sun

Cries of crushed leaves

Humm of gentle wind


It's not my home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yeah i wrote this when i was gone camping over the weekend!!!

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My Shining Light


Do you see what you mean to me?

You shine on me every morning as I wake.

I feel your warmth upon my skin

and I know, the night will come again

But for now, you are here, a light through my window

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Paper Memories

Her shimmering pale eyes met the sky's
as her paintbrush created its new world
Sketching out starry horizons and trees
Each mark fitting in perfect alignment

Everything had always been done with such care
Each error corrected, every mistake undone
Always with a smile and a word of cheer
Every dream had been gracefully spun

No one had known where she had gone
Or if she had even known
But with her she took a distant smile
And a book of paper memories

It was late at night and
all lights had gone out
She slipped away into the shadows
of a life she never knew
Running from the dreams she had
By the light of the morning dew

They found her coat atop a hill
Left dusty and alone
except for a book closed tight
No other sight to be shown

Water petals dripped away
as they carefully peered inside
A girl lie just within, tears upon her cheeks
She was on a hill on a motionless night
her eyes fixed out to the sky
The sketch was unfinished, but they all could see
In her hands lay a book of paper memories

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really don't know why I wrote this...But I remember I did during Dream Catchers.

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Pieces Of Me

Would you glue me back together if i told you the pieces fit or would you leave me laying on the floor. Distorted and broken, My pupils diolate faster now, i watch your motions as they slowly pass before me. Your look, so firm, yet gentle,your skin broken in but fare,your hands so cold, they touch my sharp edges as you gently remove my pieces from the tiles, their so bloody, rust and dirt have filled the cracks now, it's been so long since you've touched me, it's been so long since you've solved the puzzle of me, do you remember where the pieces belong, or have you forgotten all of me. My pieces are all i have, i'm empty without them, do you care? or will you just throw me away, do you think you can erase me from your memory it will be over? it will never be over, my pieces will exist, always within you, kill yourself and i shall die too..for the pieces of me are the pieces of you.

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Night Dragon

Satanic Serenades

Dragon, dragon, o` shiny scale

Dragon, dragon, 'neath the dale

Leathern wings, black as Night

Hades' flames, thine eyes shine bright

Sharp of tooth, long of claw

Thine beauty reigns above all law

Lovely is thine mystery

Dragon, I am part of thee!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The serpantine creature materializes within the Magic Circle as projected from the omnipotent mind's eye, joining as one, embraced in The Black Flame.

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Martial Artist

The philosophy of the Dojo is an art form way of life

A true student of schools developing skills essential to everyday life

The techniques within me lies advanced direct fleeting frustrations

so balanced and so natural emblazoned into my heart through manifestations

I am drawn by the eyes of my sensei, my opponent stands in front of me

morphed me into a fighter....Won Hyo Hyung mastered delicately

I have torn many rivals straight asunder

avenging my father's death putting them six feet under

I swing with my iron fist for everyone who's ever suffered

I swing with the tiger's claw striking evil and sin for the glory of my brothers

I do not swing with hate or for the love of chaos during challenging bouts

I swing with pain, suffering love and vengeance, hitting my mark, evil cries out

with so much torment, it will fall to its knees and plea for its very existence

My Tae Kwon Do released from unfastened resistance

Lo and behold, the katana blade is earned with honor and devotion

the heart of a true master holds flash and fire graced in motion

Power, speed, skill interacts through my domains splitting the air

defeating the enemy, your spirit has allowed me this honor

As I wipe the blood from my hands, diminishing the fallen master my eyes averted to brave conduct

I head towards my journey before the director yells,"CUT!!!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What can I say? I'm a fan of kung fu flicks....

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A song?????i dont know

Never so sad

and never so pale

she had 3 brand new buttons

and none were to share

(she cries)

From ponies to parties

She knows what she wants

Grinning and spinning

With black and blue dots

(she lies)

Her eyes were like sausers

Her hair up in curls

So perfect to no one

She haunts other girls

(she dies)

Moaning and groaning

She rolls all around

Finally she rests

In her hole in the ground

(she cries)

(she lies)

(she dies)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont really like this one , but i figured i would put it up anyway

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