Paper Memories

Her shimmering pale eyes met the sky's
as her paintbrush created its new world
Sketching out starry horizons and trees
Each mark fitting in perfect alignment

Everything had always been done with such care
Each error corrected, every mistake undone
Always with a smile and a word of cheer
Every dream had been gracefully spun

No one had known where she had gone
Or if she had even known
But with her she took a distant smile
And a book of paper memories

It was late at night and
all lights had gone out
She slipped away into the shadows
of a life she never knew
Running from the dreams she had
By the light of the morning dew

They found her coat atop a hill
Left dusty and alone
except for a book closed tight
No other sight to be shown

Water petals dripped away
as they carefully peered inside
A girl lie just within, tears upon her cheeks
She was on a hill on a motionless night
her eyes fixed out to the sky
The sketch was unfinished, but they all could see
In her hands lay a book of paper memories

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really don't know why I wrote this...But I remember I did during Dream Catchers.

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