Haiku Stupid

Another Great Bunch Of Hakuis

Look, a puffer fish
I really want to poke it
Fuck sakes, it inflates

Look, its a stink bug
Dam, i just have to smell it
Ewwwwww, it smells of shit

Look, theres a wood louse
Curl into a sodding ball
YEY!!! now im happy

Look, Jacks here people
Why does no-one like poor Jack?
God man, shut up Jack

You tit, you twat, you arse HA
You fucking penis

Author's Notes/Comments: 

lol bored

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A Great Bunch Of Hakuis

I really cant swim
Seriously i cant swim
Not with you on me

I stare at her eyes
She meets mine and im happy
So we have some sex

Squish, i think it died
I'll go and check if it did
Im afraid it died

Can i kiss you please?
Why would you want to kiss me?
Because i like you

Want to play dead arms?
Sure, OUCH! that really hurt man
HA! thats what she said

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Very bored time at the moment. so i want to bring you down with me.

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A Stupid Person

I buy and sell stuff
Without making a profit
I think im stupid

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Jennifer's Va-J-J

Talking in Wal-Mart

About my vagina now

Makes me feel silly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LoL  and i do love a haiku! ;)   Thank you for that jennifer!

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My First Haiku (about making a Haiku)

My First Haiku (about making a Haiku)

Clark Steven Lupton

December 2, 2007

Oh my God, oh man!

What am I doing right now?

I’ve made a Haiku!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So I thought for the first time I could probably make a Haiku, and this is what came out in my bed in the middle of the night. I got excited about this creation and made an entire dialogue of haikus just talking about making a Haiku but then I thought the Japanese would not be amused and I just posted the first one instead.

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Intellectual Vs Voluptuous Bimbo

Gem Star's Haikus

between these two girls

bigger brains impress me more

than ass any day

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Beer and wine and stuff
Like whiskey, that's enough to
Make-a me frisky.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

December 5, 2005, I believe.

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What if it rained skittles?

Stay for shits and giggles?

Run for your bloody life.

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Some may

Think stupidess

Is wrong.

But I for

One feel

That stupidness

Is the best stress

Free Medicine.

It’s always good

To let loose

From time

To time and

It’s The best

Broken heart healer of all!

So if you all think me

And my friends acting

Silly is a crime then

I bid you a goodbye

Leave my sight,

We’re just trying to enjoy our


June 25th 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote for people who this acting silly from time to time is a crime. i gor the idea from a shirt i saw it said "stupidity is not a crime so go"

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