Religions and Beliefs: Similarities and Differences

There are many lands throughout many oceans,
Many people throughout many lands,
And many beliefs throughout many people.
We humans say that beliefs bring war,
They bring evil and disorder,
But is this not the belief that binds us all together?
There are many who wish not of wisdom or knowledge,
But those who do, have already found favor
With those who rule from above.
There are legends, myths, of gods and warriors,
Heroes, saviors, and messiahs,
From different lands, from different beliefs,
Who all deliver the same message:

There was a beginning, there will be an end,
There is salvation, there is damnation,
There is peace, there is war,
There is good, there is evil,
And in the end, evil will prevail,
But righteous mortals will aid in the fight against it
Until the end, in which there is no escape, has passed.
There is promise of a new beginning after the end,
Where peace prevails and there is no more pain.

There is a god who knows all,
Who sees all, who rules all,
And he has a son, who rules under him.
Along with other gods and goddesses (depending upon belief)
They rule over the earth, where mortals rule.
There is an evil god, evil spirits, and many other evils,
But remaining righteous keeps us mortals from these,
So that we may be with the ones who are above us when we die,
And fight beside them as the end passes by.

They say that we are different from each other
Just based upon our beliefs,
But I say that this is wrong, for we, we humans,
Do not forget that we are humans!
We are brought together as brothers and sisters
In the same belief that there will be an end,
And fighting against the evils that it brings
Binds us together as one, as we were meant to be.
Meant to be men and women ruled by the heavens,
Farmers and caretakers of the earth,
To defend the good against evil, and to one day,
Be with those made us and are above us.


Antiquated wounds crinkle, above suspended bridge of the ancient coiler.
Ripe tare's into honour's sheath, cindered wolves, reminisent of desecrated lust.
Tender, ardent admirer penetrates His Virgin's Soul, bathing Her ovoid chalice.
Principle's prowess rock tamed upon sacred ground, nestled while suckling powers of She.
Atop steel limbs, His center unfurls, clutches to blood chambers.
Alchemy charred , decay tumbles upon silhouetted, Hermatic wisdoms.
Authentic droplets glare at window's corner light, deflowered, bejeweled, Goddess She.
Perched upon His higher force, Yoni petals at seat of Soul, billows on Psyches wind.
Divine spark emanates sentient, coupling tales, as amorous seals mount.
Potent force kindled by Her stirred flight landing in infant gardens.
Trickled, intent wrapped words, lustrous by deeds of heart.
Revered heads bowed, by lover's call, of depths yet spoken.
Principle chivalrous ways, wrap and spiral in Her seven veils, upon faceted mysteries glimpsed.
Eros spawned from a Goddess Virgin's Soul.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspiration...My Principle...GL

May 2012

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She pulls on you

And your heart

Soon she has it

And your love


Or she looks at you

And moves in that way

Until your hypnotized

And become hers


Once she has you

You’ll never want to go

You crave her love

And all she offers


Soon as the ones before

You’ll be left alone

Broken heart on the floor

Turning into dust


You try to pick up the pieces

All too hard for so many

Even if you succeed you

You’ll never be the same



Written on

January 26, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was about me. Who I used to be.  I mean I can still be the same, if I want you. But I have changed in the fact that its who I am anymore. 

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