Living on the run

No more chances

Escape through the hands of time
With this life on the run
Never looking behind
Can't seem to get away
Never forgetting his crime
No matter where he goes
Trusting individuals
Is always a no
Can't believe the things your told
Can't forget the things you stole
A constant looking
Over your shoulder
A pocket book of lies
A case getting colder
Never assuring a place to rest
Nothing ever seems to be the best
Places to hide
Are running low
Packing up to hit the road
With years of escape
You realize the end is near
Life gets more hectic
Higher stakes of fear
You may relax
only when your alone
Can't even make a call from a pay phone
Weakening at the knees
Thinking time takes a toll
On his dreams
Giving up is what's left to do
Can't escape murder
FBI will always pursue
It was great while it lasted
But never really fun
Time to give up this life
Of living on the run

Author's Notes/Comments: 

FBI files

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Artificial Consciousness/ Rights of Pursuit and Punishment

Those who's files have become corrupted
those who dare question the master programmer
will be sought out for defiance of the system
for the programs who threaten the safety of the structure
discipline will used without hesitation.
Those who run will be hunted down
as there is no where to go, there is no escape
from the walls that protect the citizens;
these walls keep peace and order.

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