She was handing me 

a flask filled w/ J.D.

as raindrops bounced off

my rain poncho

& ran down my face.

And she smiled 

as I shivered at the burn.


I crack a few jokes

to hear her Southern laugh

as I feel the rain

as it patters off the ground

and it’s just 3:00am

and the band is still playing.


My feet are sinking

in the mud

and my knees 

are turning to butter.

She wants to smoke a joint

and produces a joint.

She offers me psilocybin

should I be so inclined.


I suspect she wants

to get me wasted

to take advantage of me.


But in the spirit 

of the moment

I had to take that chance.

There is something magical

and truly special

about being corrupted

by a Baptist minister’s daughter.




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Fuck The Top Of The Pyramid


What hypocrites

They claim they stand for a righteous creed

Yet, committing misdeeds to succeed

You know their souls feed off greed

They don’t care about those in need


They got teachers and preachers to feed lies

Baptized in the bullshit that underlies

Ignoring the wise cries

Those who speak up, they despise

I’m begging you to open up your eyes

If you don’t, it will be our demise



Fuck the top of the pyramid 

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Artificial Consciousness/ Rights of Pursuit and Punishment

Those who's files have become corrupted
those who dare question the master programmer
will be sought out for defiance of the system
for the programs who threaten the safety of the structure
discipline will used without hesitation.
Those who run will be hunted down
as there is no where to go, there is no escape
from the walls that protect the citizens;
these walls keep peace and order.

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