A Toast to Garlic

Lying on the board, I do desire thee;

be mine own and I shall cherish thee.

Thou art sweet and savory, delicious.

Wherefore dost thou taste ever so lovely?

Mine eyes, mine nose, mine tongue, enchanted all!

Thou art perfect!  Please be mine!

Thou liest in pieces, I do adore thee,

for thou art my match, my mate, my love.

Thou art the best and so unlike the rest.

Wherefore dost thou enchant me, ravish me?

I am e'er thy slave if thou wilt have me.

Thou art perfect!  Please be mine!

Others speak ill of thee but they have no sense;

thou art the best, only e'er the best.

Thy caress is alike something divine.

Wherefore didst we deserve something so good?

There is no prize equal nor sweet so nice.

Thou art perfect!  Please be mine!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i shared this with people on Gaia Online.  i just love garlic, so i wanted to write something for it.  This is the result.  Forgive the poor use of language.

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I love Coca Cola


I love Coca Cola

it tastes so good to me

I love Coca Cola

it is much better than Pepsi

I love Coca Cola

I am the number one fan

I love Coca Cola

especially in a can

so don't give me Dr, Pepper

and don't give me Mountain Dew

forget Root Beer and Sprite

and orange and Ginger ale too

at the end of the day

nothing sounds better to me

than a glass of Coca Cola

as good as can be

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Breakfast In Bed

Scarlett red roses

How do you like your eggs ?

Fried, poached or scrambled

What sauce brown or red ?

From the smell of fresh coffee

To the roses vigarous red

Sit back, Relax, Enjoy.

Have breakfast in bed

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A Lovesong For Silence

Wayward Motions

Tick-tock, tick-tock,

The sound of the Clock.

The wind takes a breath

and dances in our hair-

We hear her sounds because

of the green-sleeved Ones.

They pray for the rain

that created the howling seas.

The digging of dirt-

a home for those Passed,

requires a thirst for the Sound

of the Dead.

The tears that fall from those

who mourn, creates a song that

sings to the world-

Although we all may not hear, we

know the song for silence when it

is near.

Tick-tock, Tick-tock-

The sound of the Clock.

A window is cracked open,

Light is invited, darkness locked out-

The sound of a last gasp of life,

a lovesong for Silence.

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I'm hungry so I ordered fries and a burger.

I'm pouring ketchup on my fries and my coffee needs sugar.

This burger is delicious, I can't believe how good it tastes.

I'm gobbling it down, it will not go to waste.

I love burgers, they are my favorite food.

Just thinking about them puts me in a good mood.

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I love pancakes with syrup because it's so sweet.

It truly is a delicious thing for people to eat.

Mrs.Butterworth's is my favorite syrup but I like Karo too.

Get yourself an order of pancakes, it will satisfy you.

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Butter and eggs

I deliver butter and eggs for miles around.

It's great because I deliver to everybody in town.

My butter is always fresh and my eggs have just been laid.

When people don't have any money, I gladly accept trades.

The people only buy from me, they never buy butter and eggs at the stores.

This town is the kind of place where nobody has to lock their doors.

All of the people here know one another.

We're friendly and we are all like brothers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem

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on the menu


i will take a survey

of sex drives

that idle in desire

or need blocks

under the wheels

surveying your

intimate wiring

creating a diagram

to choke your carburetor

or some other euphemism

that settles the simmer

sexual angst

put the rama lama

in the ding dong

fold over

so i can gnaw

on your leg of lamb

let's spin your rpms

on to puree

on the way to the

drive thru

and put your


to the floor

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Apple pie

Give me a slice of apple pie with some cheese.

It tastes delicious and it's sure to please.

It's the tastiest thing I've ever put in my mouth.

You make the greatest apple pie in the south.

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