finding someone


From the heart

Dear boy,
How can I ever go on?
After meeting you...
I see a new sun,
a new moon and stars,
this night is ours.

Love is deep and, i don't know.
i'm too young to understand.
but you are amazing.
in every way.
i want you here
with me today.

your smile, easy and flawless.
eyes blue like the clear sky,
the dimple on your cheek
always makes my week,
just to see it flashed in my direction.

i'm waiting for that sought after kiss.
that moment of bliss.
nothing amiss.

i'm head over heels,
twitterpated, and shy.
i want to call you mine.
i want to touch the sky,
on the wings of joy.
only you
could have me mesmerized,
like a child at a show,
the world may never know
how truly wonderful you are.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a good first impression on a good first date with a good guy:)

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While looking through
life's gallery of

I finially came across
an image, the face
I have dreamed of.

Planted so firmly in
my imagination
the one I could spend
my time

on this earth plane
that someone is you.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

That someone is you

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I was never sure I could find

Someone who understands

What it’s like to be bound

Ate up by the sands


Time never lets go

Neither do the chains

He holds me – like she held him

Yet the strength of my chains never wanes


But I’m still not sure

Of what to say

Of either man

Love one and tell the other to go away


But I’m not strong enough

Not just yet

Maybe one day I’ll decide

With my eyes all wet



Written on

August 21, 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one ws written at a point when I met Paul Orkisz. He us the one who 'He holds me – like she held him.  ' she  .  She being his ex and mother of his kid Donna.

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