Faith in God's all embracing love

His Grace in Abundance

Life and Choices

In this journey there is Grace in Abundance for those who seek his face. My trials so reflects exactly what I have been through.  There are a few on here I have revealed the exact extent of what I have been through in this journey and wilderness of life.  But this is what I know, it took all the things I have been through to break me, so God could remove the veil or the scales from my eyes to reveal the true importance in this life.  It is putting God first, it is seeking his discerning voice through every situation.  And having the courage and faith that God can restore you and bring you from the ruins and give you beauty for ashes.  Father God I thank you for the trials I have endured and the suffering.  I thank you for the people I met through those trials because some I consider my adopted family closer than any blood family member.  They share my same DNA which is being a precious royal Princess to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  I thank you for wisdom that I learned from the hurts of what others may have done to me or put me through, it taught me and I forgive anyone who has hurt me and I ask God to forgive them and speak blessings over there life only wishing them good and to know God like I know him.  FATHER I HAD TO GO TO A DARK PLACE AND BE CORRECTED BY YOUR LOVING HAND BUT YOU STILL HELD ME CLOSE AND FROM THAT I LEARNED THAT I NOW HAVE AN INTIMACY WITH YOU TO LOOK AT MYSELF AND OTHERS IN A NEW LIGHT.  I LEARNED FROM ALL THAT THAT THE PLEASURES OF THIS WORLD ARE FLEETING.   BECAUSE EVERYTHING YOU HOLD DEAR CAN BE REMOVED IN AN INSTANCE BY YOUR GIFT OF FREE WILL.  IT IS BY CHOICE THAT WE DETERMINE THE COURSE OF OUR LIVES.  AND IT IS BY CHOICE WHAT WE ALLOW TO RULE OUR LIFE.  ANYTHING CAN BE AN IDOL, ANYTHING YOU PUT BEFORE GOD WHETHER IT IS A MAN, TECHNOLOGY AND THE ADDICTION OR THE LURE IT CAN INSTILL, FOOD, SEXUAL PERVERSION, PORNOGRAPHY, MATERIALISM INCLUDING THE ACQUITION OF SOCIAL STATUS, GAMING AND GAMBLING, DRUG AND ALCOHOL ADDICTION; ANYTHING.....EVEN THE PHONE AND INTERNET, ANYTHING THAT CONSUMES YOU AND YOU MAKE YOUR GOD IS NOT OF GOD.  THERE IS NO BETTER HIGH THAN THE LOVE AND ENLIGHTENMENT OF THAT CLOSENESS WITH OUR FATHER.  ONCE ONE FINALLY EMBRACES THAT GOD CAN BRING ANYONE THROUGH THE RUINS OF THEIR LIVES. IT IS QUITE LIBERATING AND EMPOWERING.  THROUGH SURRENDING AND CONFESSION TO HIM THAT I CAN'T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT HIM. THAT I HAVE NOTHING IF I DON'T HAVE HIM. THAT I AM BROKEN AND HE IS THE ONLY CRAFTSMANS WHO CAN FIX EVERY BROKEN PIECE BECAUSE ALL OTHER CRAFTSMEN ARE NOTHING BUT A MEAR CHARLATAIN OUT TO STEAL FROM THE WEALTH OF MY LIFE.  ONLY THROUGH THIS REALIZATION CAN I LET GO AND LET GOD SHINE FORTH.  IT IS THROUGH YOUR GRACE THAT I MAY LIVE IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME....AMEN

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Through it all I realize my purpose and my gifts can thrive in the adversities I've encountered.  That my calling can be revealed and may it bless and help another and perhaps make them experience the feeling of God's Grace thus reflecting through my heart to theirs from his.  That is the true Blessing to be able to minister to the hurting and helpfless like Jesus did; in humble humility without pride for ones own self gain, reward, or notoriety.  

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His Sacrifice!


His Sacrifice!

For the Love of the Father......

His Life he did Give.

Our Bless'ed Redeemer...

His Blood..He did Give!

So Selfless was His Sacrifice. 

He hung on the Cross +   

So that we might have Life!

The Anguish He Felt.   

His Spirit thus crushed.

But to Die on the Cross + 

He knew that he must.

This cup of suffering.  

Could Not Be Passed.

For the Father's Will.  

Would be done....For Sins Wrath!

Written and Composed By: Denise Hall-Campbell

Author's Notes/Comments: 


"God's unfortunate psychadelic lily" by sharee givens

i accept myself as God's unfortunate psychadelic lily.
consider the fact that i have only 6 petals but my root (soul) is dry to the bone.
as a flower on vacation from God's permanent garden, i seek temporary refuge
in the presence of a FAITH FILLED Gardener.
water me with:
1 Faith (Your relationship with God, so my faith (leaves) won't become transparent)
2 Unconditional Love (Unconditional Love that is blind, deaf, and speechless to all my flaws inside out & outside in)
3 Joy (Joy that is everlasting in mind, body, and spirit)
4 Freedom (Freedom to be who we truly are to brighten the world but remain close enough to share in each others destiny)
5 Compassion (Compassion to respect the world but wise enough to follow only your heart)
6 Responsibility (Responsibility to forgive the past and accept the future with no expectations)
to offer my companionship will be the only richness of us, for i am poor in everything especially a hand to hold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

acceptance. this is who i am.


Days and nights
of sunshine and rain
Heart and mind rely on God.
Moon and clouds
winds and thunderstorms
strengthen my entire being.
Darkness shrieks
quite ominously
I am not bothered anymore.
Ethereal light glows
and gives me the peace
I have wanted all along.

He Loves Us This Much...

Through the many storms in your life
His love will never change
When you turn away from him
Curse his holy name
Blasphemy against him
His soul is so forgiving
His love never stops giving
Transforming your life
Pull you back from the edge of the cliff
As He continue to wash your sins away
To guide you through the darkest pastures
Yes, this valley we call Life

He would never fore sake us
Even when we allow drugs to take hold
Even when we allow our abusers
To rape is mentally
As they batter down on our bodies
Like sound of thunder
When lighting hits the ground
No matter how much pain we inflicted on ourselves
He never stops loving us

Ask the blind man
Who thought his life was over
Just because he couldn't see
God restored his vision
Now he praises the beautiful sight
Of wild lilies growing amongst the purple wild flowers

Ask the little children born with Cancer
As they lay in the parents arms
Asking Why me?
What have i done to deserve this?
As their parents begin to wipe their tears and pray
God touches the child's body
Healing all the cancer
Gone wipe clean
Just one touch of his hand
Shows just how much he loves us

He never wants us to suffer
To live a live full of hate and discouragement
Why would he give his only son
Just to watch us suffer
In this unjust world
His grace and mercy is sufficient
There is nothing any one can say
That can change that
His word is out Guide to life
No man could ever rewrite it
For it are His blessings
To help us understand
That living a live of love
Spreading it from door to door
from city to city
To though who are not of your culture
Even to your worst enemy
Nothing can scrarifice
His greatest gift of all
Because He loves us this much
How Much do you love Him?

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington


The wind blows,
Trying to shake me,
God keeps me firm, unshaken.
Storm's fury,
Growls ferociously,
God keeps me in His embrace.
Nature sees,
All this happening,
And bows to me reverently.
All fear gone,
My being is stronger,
Thanks to Allah Almighty.
I help those,
Ensnared by misery,
So God never forsakes me.
He loves me,
I can feel His Light,
And all around there is peace.
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay, on the 26th of September, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written after surviving a sudden cataclysm of stormy winds followed by a thunderstorm of showers and hail.

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