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Cool But Cruel


You laughed whenever I cracked a joke

Never wanted to see me alone

You walked with me every night

I always thought they were signs


You listened to my favorite songs

Wanted you to be my companion

I admired everything you'd do

I always thought you were so cool


But now everything changed

As fast as the day breaks

Your words become sour

Your mouth is now foul


You don't walk with me anymore

Don't know who you are anymore

I tried talking to you

But the true you is cruel


I really thought you were the one

But you changed into this someone

Someone I don't know

A man I'd hate most

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"COOL BUT CRUEL" is about someone I always thought was the best but turned out to be one of the worst persons I had ever known.

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My Storm

I heard the pouring of rain
Saw the lightening light the sky
The thunder was loud and clear
Storms all around
Yet there was peace
Because you stood there so quiet
Looking at the dark sky
Your eyes filled with tears
As you watched me walk away
For you thought I was leaving you
I wasn't I was coing to be with you
I could never leave you
Your like the storm in my heart
So quick and so sweet
I want you around forever
The storm in my heart
Has gone, I have you
Forever and always
Your my storm, so strong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my Love Foreer

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