Small talk
Small mind
In kind

Small thoughts
Small words
Small turds

Small dreams
Small wishes
Watch TV
Do the dishes

Small desires
Play Nintendo
Rent a movie
See what THEY do

Small network time slots
Canned laughter
Just give the crowd
What they're after

Small expectation
Small disappointment
It's just insurance
Look where your life went

Small existence
In smaller spaces
Conceals the road
The path to greatness

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The Poets Block


What will I read tonight?

The pressure is driving me crazy

There were many days

Why have I been so lazy?

I have been pondering at the paper

For more than an hour

Nothing has transpired

My ideas and thoughts have turned sour

My bid to draw from the quietness of the library has failed

Even the skeleton,

I bet he was a poet like me

Devoid of thought hung on a tree

From the corner he stares with a grin

As pages after pages I bin

Mocking me from across the grave

“Nothing you can write can save”

From what my fellow poets will say

Their standards are so high

O GOD help me save the day

Send down an inspiration from the sky

Alas none came and here I sand

Reading this crap

Which even I fail to understand

A heart block I can reverse

But a writer’s block is far worse

It’s more like constipation

The harder you try the more difficult the motion

The moral of the story my friends

When you have an idea

Work on it then

Do not let it linger in your mind

Before it goes out of your hind

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was struggling to write something for the "Poets in the bookshop" evening and this came out.

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