childhood days

A Young Man’s Eyes


With winter gone
The spring thaw
Moved quietly over the land
Revealing an old summer road
That led high up
Into the tall mountains

While winter flourished
All about the forest
I patiently waited
For the warmth of spring
So I might take this road
Over the foothills
To the high mountain lake

I remember many years ago
The first time I came upon
This old mountain road
Back then the road
Like myself, was young
With its wild flower path
That led to the very top

What I remember most
Was the sound of the forest
And the crackling
Of last year’s dry leaves underfoot
As I hiked up the path

It seems strange
When I think about it
But, from what I remember
The springs back then
Were more colorful
And the sky much fuller
Then they seem these days

I realize now
That the eyes of a young man
See things quite differently
And as the years pass by
Memories seem embellished
By the passing of time

And though I have waited
For winter to pass
And the warmth of spring
To open the summer road
I know
When I reach the top
Everything I see
Will never be the same

Because I can no longer
See the world
Through the memories
Of a young man’s eyes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How life changes us!

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Old Rope

Old Rope
The rope swing hung silently over the pond
Somehow it knew it was gazed upon and that it held the keys to memories lived on
A gentle breeze told me son close your eyes and hear with the heart the golden years cry
I saw my brother, my sister, Cricket Whitney and me as we raced the big bull across the field to the trees
The pond was our heaven the wide field was his, so if we wanted to swim we had to beat him
I could hear Freddy laughing and the rest of us scream with the bull right behind us running full steam
Into the water without missing a step, thank goodness the bull didn’t want to get wet
With a snort and a kick the bull walked away, perhaps he would get us at the end of the day
But we didn’t worry it was our time to play
The rope taught us all to take a chance and let go, our first leap of faith without fear in our soul
It drew us together and watched us all grow, my very first kiss that too it knows
Then I saw through my heart my best friend Anna Lee, I was running like hell as she threw rocks at me
I was so happy the stones didn’t hurt at all, it was the very first time that I felt loves call
The sound of a tractor opened my eyes, as I looked at the pond closer I saw it was dry
How the years have gone by, I smiled a sigh
Sometimes if you really want to see, you have to close your eyes…..
The last lesson that rope taught to me.

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Oh if only I

When life
was so

on my

to his

Oh, if

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When life was so simple....

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