Cheating heartbreak heartbroke stalking busted caught sad cry in love hurt hate


Pain and Heartache

I am stalked by evil me.

Always watching, constantly sneering.

"Give in and let me,

Take control it won't hurt."

I almost want to give in. 

To surrender to the stereotypes.

They expect much worse.

They want me to dabble in drugs.

They want me to fornicate.

But i refuse, and opt for the high road.

I want to be above

Uninfluenced by what surrounds me.

Sometimes I just want to let go.

To be wild and free

With no knowledge of consequences,

But I know these are false hopes.

I am stalked by evil me,

it is fighting for control.

But lately its getting stronger,

I won't stop fighting.

Liar Liar. Catch on fire...

I don't know how on earth
I put up with all your lies.
I told you, "No one is perfect"
"But you are" Was your reply.

"I'm fine" I would say,
You'd exclaim "You'll be okay"
"No I won't" I would stutter,
"You'll be right" You would mutter.

"I'll always love you" You would whisper in my ear,
"Yeah right" I would sigh, so soft you couldn't hear.
And now after telling me you still love me,
You want to be friends? No. Just leave me.