Who’s It Going To Be?


Now it has come down to the time
Yes, its time to decide, her or me
Your fuck buddy
Or the one that you say you love

I suppose you’ll pick her
But I need to hear that from you
I have never deemed myself
That good looking

But I saw a picture of her
And I have to say,
At least I don’t look like
A man cross dressing

So tonight, I am going to
Sit down and cry, so very hard
Get it all out of my system
So I wont have any tears left

Yes, I want it all out
So I can’t cry over you
Because that is the last
Thing I want to do

Show you any weakness
Even though my heart
Will tear in two when I hear
That you are leaving me for her

You don’t have to know that
Just like you wont know that
I have cried nearly everyday
Since you told me about her

I stuck my heart high up
On a shelf, to be forgotten about
Because I knew this would happen
I just knew that you’d leave me for her

Written on
October 27, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I did see a picture the other day of her. Yes, she does look like a cross dressing man. So that made me feel better about Tom, about our relatsonship. Today however, filled me with a mixture of emotions. While I found her picture today, I also had the chance to talk to him in almost a week, but the depresssing thing was, he was going out with her to get drunk. No big deal however. I will get the chance to talk to him and when I do, everything will change. I hope it goes my way, but I have always had a very depressed outlook on life, so I know it wont. We will see however.