Blank page

A blank page,

Lets me see clearly,

Release my inner rage

It's where I can be, myself,

The state of my, mental health,

improves, I never wrote, to chase wealth,

I'm making moves,

My kids don't listen,

being a better parent is my daily mission.

This is a quick insight, maybe I'm not right 

A blank page

Let's me see clearly 

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I hold my breath
To see if there's any life left
I dig deep in my soul
To see what treasures I might behold
Alittle glimmer of hope
Alittle flicker of light
A burning candle held for my soul
Burning in its place so it does not lose its glow.

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There are sharp edges everywhere
And they’re normally all right
I hardly think twice
Of they’re inanimate passion
While I sprint through my life
Through a room full of knives
While past dictates time
So I’ll slide on its edge

A brutal escape
I feel so spoiled
To open and spill
Onto this ignorant world
But don’t clean me up
I’ve only jut begun
I have blood to give to all
And it will be cherished by none

Depressing I know
But it’s a meaning buried
By superficial thoughts
And the envious’ treasury
Could you imagine a want
A meaning so bold
Like my obscure thrive
For a meaning so pure

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