Being Loved

A dream

I had a dream and sent it to you
In hopes one day it would come true
On the wings of a snow white dove
To go out and search for my one true love
It came back with a story to tell
With thoughts of you wishing me well
It told me it found what I was looking for
A friend a love and so much more
Then it led me to your door
Said this is the one you have been looking for
The one who will love you and treat you right
The one who will love you for the rest of your life

Comfortable Collision

There is nothing about you that is new to me.

We sleep on domestic soil ~~ it is embedded in our souls.

Sweet submissions.

We breath static air, it invigorates us.

Your thoughts, like your fingers, invade me,

almost before you speak them.

In solitude, our waves pound against each other,

visiting familiar shores. I linger in the

warmth of your compliances.

How is it that you came so near and did not drift?

I drift into the depths of you, deeper and deeper, until

I rest, lying here in the thunderstorm of your emotions.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

to know you is to love you...

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Love in 65


In the year of sixty - five

We were green and so alive.

Those were the days of love, tried and true.

When you came to me each night,

Everything was so right.

They were the sweetest times I ever knew.

Though the earth was cold and grey,

From a war not far away,

Those fears could never touch me and you.

As the radio played on

And we heard our sacred song,

Not one deed could turn passion to blue.

We laughed and dreamed till we cried,

As the flowers slowly died,

And man took up white and black, as one.

In the streets, the fires blazed

As the angry bullets razed.

I heard only your voice on the phone.

The gods ate Purple Haze.

LSD was all the craze.

The skies were filled with cries for freedom.

We were young and didn't care

For such folly and flare,

Like drugs, segregation and Vietnam.

And now, we're old and worn,

But, I'm still so free from harm

From the darkness that thrives all around.

Even though the flowers died

And the guns are still outside,

I'm with you, by your side, safe and sound.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Teen love with a little bit of history thrown in for flavour.

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Do You Copy?

I wonder if you can comprehend,

that we could mend, or maybe transcend,

this labyrinth we're in.

I wonder if you can apprehend, what I intend?

I could open my soul to you,

and you wouldn't have the need to condescend.

We could both pretend,

that this love was without end.

You might even become my friend.

Do you read me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Do you read me?

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Of all the years I’ve lived

  I never would have thought that I would know

Someone as special and true as you

  I feel like I’ve come home

Unknowingly denying

  All these feelings disguised so wise

Never thought that I would hold you

  Until our souls could no longer hide

Patient lovers waiting for the tide

  Hoping on day, that their worlds just might collide

Everyday I stop and think how could it be true?

  When I wake up I realize I’ve known your face forever, it’s not new

Scenes played before my eyes

  I had not yet known you

Trying not to understand

  This de-ja-vu that made me yearn for your eyes

They horde me down and press me tight

  Within their walls I cannot fight

You open up from deep within

  Your heart warms my body penetrates my skin

I will always love you forever……

The End.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finding love...

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Like dry ice on Skin


What am I to do?

The more I try

The harder it is

Do you know why?

You keep telling me

You need time

That you love me

But you’re not mine

All the while

This strain on my heart

Keeps beating

Without a start

You tug a little more

Pull at my strings

Stretch my heart more

But give it no wings

So I sit here

Tapered to the wall

Waiting patiently

For your call

As you run your life

Without me

Expect me to wait

But you don’t see

You’re taking my love

For granted

Expecting that

You’ll have it

Without hesitation

I keep giving

Not knowing

How you’re living

So what am I to do?

As you’re running around

Leaving me askew

Casting me to the ground

This time I can’t

Don’t think you know

You’re causing

The last blow

My heart can take

Before it shatters

Pretty soon

It won’t even matter

To me

What you’re doing

How you are

Where you’re going

Without me

Cause I won’t dare


I won’t even care

This is what happens

When you love so much

Without any return

Without touch

So keep giving me

Nothing and watch

As my heart bakes to stone

Leaving it cold for no one else to clutch

Will feel like

Dry ice on skin

Next time you try

To touch it again


Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my deepest love that I think I've lost...

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Cultivated Connection

There is a glow about them,

the kind that comes only from

acquainted smiles and chance touches.

The kind that radiates from the vernal,

embracing of new marriage, although theirs is very worn.

The kind that comes from battles, with and against each other,

"I told you so" - fought hard and won.

The kind that is born of,

shared meals, paid bills, and ordinary thrills.

Not so mutual decisions, different religions, and many collisions.

Household chores, loud snores, pacing linoleum floors -

"You could have called"!

Sometimes, as a child, I could feel the heat of it,

other times I saw just a glimmer, but always a trace.

It lights up the kitchen and thier faces when

"one of thiers" comes into view.

This beacon extends itself and illuminates me,

and my child too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my parents.

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