Of all the years I’ve lived

  I never would have thought that I would know

Someone as special and true as you

  I feel like I’ve come home

Unknowingly denying

  All these feelings disguised so wise

Never thought that I would hold you

  Until our souls could no longer hide

Patient lovers waiting for the tide

  Hoping on day, that their worlds just might collide

Everyday I stop and think how could it be true?

  When I wake up I realize I’ve known your face forever, it’s not new

Scenes played before my eyes

  I had not yet known you

Trying not to understand

  This de-ja-vu that made me yearn for your eyes

They horde me down and press me tight

  Within their walls I cannot fight

You open up from deep within

  Your heart warms my body penetrates my skin

I will always love you forever……

The End.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

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Michelle Noel's picture

OH!!! I really liked this poem. How warm and sweet it is. I love this line....you know it just struck me. "Someone as special and true as you I feel like I’ve come home" Great Job....well done Michelle