Like dry ice on Skin


What am I to do?

The more I try

The harder it is

Do you know why?

You keep telling me

You need time

That you love me

But you’re not mine

All the while

This strain on my heart

Keeps beating

Without a start

You tug a little more

Pull at my strings

Stretch my heart more

But give it no wings

So I sit here

Tapered to the wall

Waiting patiently

For your call

As you run your life

Without me

Expect me to wait

But you don’t see

You’re taking my love

For granted

Expecting that

You’ll have it

Without hesitation

I keep giving

Not knowing

How you’re living

So what am I to do?

As you’re running around

Leaving me askew

Casting me to the ground

This time I can’t

Don’t think you know

You’re causing

The last blow

My heart can take

Before it shatters

Pretty soon

It won’t even matter

To me

What you’re doing

How you are

Where you’re going

Without me

Cause I won’t dare


I won’t even care

This is what happens

When you love so much

Without any return

Without touch

So keep giving me

Nothing and watch

As my heart bakes to stone

Leaving it cold for no one else to clutch

Will feel like

Dry ice on skin

Next time you try

To touch it again


Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my deepest love that I think I've lost...

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