Aryan race

Dance of the Swine


On the dawn of the coming age of the maser race
the furor's children prepare for the cleansing of the swine
while the leaders of men wine and dine and slaughter the swine
for the glory of the empire to come

To make way for the new world
the old ways must at last be washed away
for the children to praise and raise and sweep the Jew away
in the name of the Aryan God

Who calls upon men to rise above the weak
to crush their faces under their boot's heavy weight
while the shadows wait and fate falls down with weight
to turn their bones into dust

Inside the ovens offspring of the filth cry no more
for the empire's burnt away the memory of the curse
while the starving thirst and first suffer the curse
of their own doing

Lest the glory of the white man never shine
upon the face of the mother earth again
nor open the heart and come in and be without sin again
for the glory of the master race.

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