a tapestry for life

The Human Race

Appointments and schedules

 Time limits overdue,

 Restless and weary

 No time to let loose.


Hustle and bustle

 Rush and still late,

 Frenzied and frantic

 This can’t be our fate.


Get busy, let’s hurry

 Try to keep pace,

 Exhausted and tired

 Impatient, can’t wait.


Try to move forward,

 No time to waste;

 To make progress in life

 Advance and make haste.


Depleted and eager

 Worn out and fatigued,

 To create a better future

 We learn to succeed.


With pressing agendas

 And long list to-do,

 Chaotic commotion

 At the end of our fuse;


A spinning vortex of time;

 Life is streaming by quick.

 It seems just like yesterday,

 that we were mere kids.


Gone by in an instant,

 a sudden blink of my eye,

 everything I've ever known is changing,

 all I can do is wonder why.


So much stress to get something done,

 but does it matter what we do?

 Life flies by in an instant,

 it’ll all be over soon.


Relax, slow down

 Unwind and rest;

 Live for each moment

 And savor each breathe.


We try to accomplish so much,

 Leaving no time for family or friends;

 It’s a quick race to the finish

 When you burn your candle from both ends.

~Deziraye Wald~

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The weaving of many
threads together
creating a beautiful

A tapestry for life.

Two young lovers
caressing in the moon

Planning for a future
weaving their tapestry
for life.

(c) copyright heather burns

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