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Hi everyone,


                   My poem "Hated Stranger" was chosen to be published in the book Illinois's Best Emerging Poets. I am very honored to be in this book as many people submitted to get into it, but only a small amount of those who submitted actually got in. The book is on Amazon. I do not expect anyone to buy one, but it is there if you want it. No matter what goes on in my life or what I do for work, I will always be a poet at heart. Here is the link to the book:  


 This is a great poetry site! Adam Keith McElwain


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Congrats On The Publication

Belatedly. It makes you smile.  :D ~s~



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Thank you!


 I truly appreciate it Allets.

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Share With Each Other

Share To Each Other


Breath Deep...


A creed toward a waiting pillow

bust up the beat minus the wind blow;

share with each other

Decorated brief...


fly on the wall flow;

far from the ego

dig a new place to go

share to each others cove


love as long as we roam

Mario Vitale