logical & allets: Aborition

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I weep when grief arrives early erasing
longevity. An unpredictable dawn, blinding
the eyes but bringing darkness. There is a
newness in things that are usurped untimely
that must be mourned preceding expectation.
Anticipation of sorrow intertwined with glimmers
of hope confuses the mind and troubles the heart.
Filled with aborition, I miss that untimely entity
which has been stealth-taken too soon.
When I look back at the foreshadow, I
should have anticipated the conclusion.

Yet to come is not to be and expectation

that once lived in my brain has been hijacked
by brigands. Still, allowing my mind to wander
to the fore deepened the past and embellished
the present. Overwhelmed by aborition, sanity
is taken away too soon and must be returned
if there is to be a future.
logical & allets


logical & allets coined a word: aborition. It is not a word, but it seemed like it should be a word, so he fashioned a definition and we created poetry based on it. Aborition: (Noun) The act or state of missing that which is taken away sooner than anticipated.