Stronger then you think!

 Stronger then you think!        4/26/21


when you feel just like your all alone and its more then you can bare

the fight in you is all but gone and no one seems to be aware

and your feet are stuck in quicksand and you feel like you will sink 

but remember who you were born too your stronger then you think

as kids stupid stuff didnt matter none and we didnt take it to heart

but over the years its become so vast and its tearing you apart

and if you dwell on it any longer it will send you too the brink

i know that you will be alright cuz your stronger then you think

so when ever you feel like all is lost and you wont make another day

remember who's always watching over you the monsters kept at bay

next time that you feel like your on the edge i will be there in a blink

to let you know how much your loved because your stronger then you think


    Becky Chadbourne


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for my brother to let him know how much he is loved and that he has the power to rise above the pain and memories and be stronger then ever, brother i am proud of you so very proud

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