crazy lane ! 2015

                            crazy lane!        2015


 there are diferent kinds of drivers so please beware

but the worst kinds of drivers you'll see out there

you'll wanna stand clear cuz there driving insane

and thats when you'll know your in the crazy lane

out there on the road they cause others to flee

to buzy texting and talking and can not see

that family of five driving at night in the rain

then they'll never forget they were in the crazy lane

so please listen carefully and see this as a warning

and you might just wake up to see tomorow morning

i hope you heard my plea cuz there'll be nothing to gain

if you dont drive responsably in the crazy lane




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one cuz i was on facebook one time and there was a post about this girl putting make-up on while driving on the highway well she drove into the opposit lane and her car was totaly ripped apart by an eighteen wheeler and this happens so often i had to write something and maybe others will listen, hope you like it


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PudinsHeart1's picture

It's very good

I hope people read it and listen. People are scary when they drive.


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crazy lane

    thank you, i was kind of mad about all the posts on facebook about people texting and talking that i had to write this there has been too many family deaths out there cuz of stupidity. i sure do hope they listen