Because i love you! 2015

Because i love you!


i speak your name because i love you


before you came along life wasn't true


i smile at just the thought of your name


and my heart dances like a burning flame


when first we met i had not yet found


a happiness that knows no bounds


as the weeks went by our friendship grew


so much more then even you knew


i think of you because i love you


with your handsome smile


that goes on for miles


just one look into your eyes


was all i needed to see and realise


your not like those who came before you


they came and turned my life so blue


i dream of you because i love you


but here you standing right next to me


with your eyes of blue i feel brand new


you captured my heart right from the start


its afeeling i'm not willing to part


you always came to my rescue


no matter what it was you always knew


i hope you realise how special you are


and wheather im near or very far


i want you only because i love you









Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem i wrote cuz i was in a romantic mood i hope you all like it


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