When we are all called home! 2014

     when we are all called home! 2014


when we are all called home

we will never more rome

we will hear gabriels trumpet song

and christians will rise old and young

no more poverty and strife

we will leave this old life

no more pain for us to favor

the lord will be our savior

no more worldly goods to endow

they will be left behind no more no how

we will all have a new body

we are all going to be godly

earthly things will be of the past

up to heaven we will be at last

on the streets of gold we will rome

when we are all called home!


Dedicated to Rita Iadarola you were the strongest most caring woman i have ever known

 and i will miss you very much see you in heaven some day!!!!!!!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem last year because a wonderful lady lost her battle to colon cancer and she was like a second mother to me, and besides my own mother she was the strongest woman i have ever known, the last days of her life she spent countless hours cheering up every one else, and never once complained about the pain we all knew she was in!!!!!!!

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