How can abuse be love???

How can abuse be love? 2015


when i got married i was so deep in love

i thought it was a gift from heaven above

but he slowly changed a little each day

making life a living hell in every way

my family realized i was in a lot of trouble

if they helped in any way i'd take a tumble

they would see the bruises upon my face

at night the floor my father would pace

my parents marriage was love and honor

i thought how can abuse be love i wonder

this was not the way life should have been

but how could i have known about all i've seen

the beatings he gave me started out small

one kick, one punch it wasnt much at all

as the month's went by it got worse each day

any thing i did wrong he would make me pay

i had a baby and you'd think he'd be happy but

instead he told me to keep my mouth shut

he wanted me to lie about the bruises on my legs

he pouted and pleaded he even did beg

i had another baby it was a gift from God above

but i was still thinking how can abuse be love

at home later on he looked at me and said

there your responsability im going to bed

you wanted them i didnt he said with a scowel

i lifted my child from her bath with a towel

and looked at her and said with a smile

thats right for you i'd walk a hundred miles

as the years went on the beatings got worse

i felt like i was in jail and my life was a curse

i left him three times but i always came back

and after a few weeks he'd give me a good wack

one day i was crying i couldnt take it no more

but knew he wouldnt let me walk out that door

so i knew there was only one other way out

im done i thought theres no need to pout

up to heaven is where i wanted to go

i looked at him and said no more feeling low

i was thinking of my parente in heaven above

and again i was saying how can abuse be love

i grabbed all those pills and swallowed them

and didnt think twice about where i had been

but it didnt work out the way i had planed

i ended up in the hospital with charcoal in hand

i was yelling i dont wanna be here any more

but the doctor said drink up or in a tube i will pour

my husband on my left didnt even worry

got up and said im in a real big hurry

i was passing out really fast and all i could see

was my husbands back walking out in me

when i woke up the next day it was very clear

i was alone he didnt care or shed not one tear

i made a desision i knew what i must do

i must leave him and fast but never look back

and thats just what i did oh how i had the nack

i had a lot of help from heaven above

but now i do know that abuse can not be love




dedicated to ending domestic violence everywhere

abuse can not be love!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one because its my past and i wanted to find a way to get past it, and nothing i have tried so far would let me, i know its gonna be hard to let go of 24 years of abuse but with the grace of god he will see me thru it, i might not be able to fully let go but all i can do is my best and let god take care of the rest, and to everyone out there abuse is not love believe me i know the difference now, how can it? dont let anyone tell you different, abuse is abuse no matter how small!!!!!!


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