We will see them again! 2015

we will see them again!        2015


when some one we love suddenly dies

we know in our heart that they're gone

they fought so very hard we realize

our first thought's are there all alone

then we contemplate what there worth

and the pastor speaks highly about there life

even talks a bit about there birth

then the pain cuts thru you like a knife

when our loved ones life is done

and comes the what ifs and regret

of never having a little more fun

but then remember when first you met

the smile they gave you that opened the door

to the memories that you all did share

there love in your heart will always remain

when you finaly do speak your love will you bare

and say with a smile we will see them again!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was writen for a friend because his grandfather passed away, but also for me as well because i lost my parents a few years back and then just last year i lost a woman who was like a second mother to me to a battle with cancer, and for all who lost a loved one out there this is for you!!!     Zoeycup16

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Thank you

Thank you for writing this poem. it reminds me of my nana we lost her a few years back to cancer. i miss her so much. your poem put a smile to my face.  hope you can find the time to visit my page i think there are a few poems you'd like also

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We will see them again

thanks ffor saying that you have put a smile on my face too im not very good at this poetry but it is a stress reliever and i enjoy writing about my experiences, i have  13 poems altogether i started writing them back in 2011 when i went into the psych ward at st marys i write and journal every day it helps and if one of my poems makes someones day then it was worth putting the effort into writing them, feel free to give me tips or constructive critasism i welcome it i want to get better at this poetry i love it so much i am working on one now im writing about i know this is gonna be wierd but im writing about my dog i had to put to sleep back in july it took me this long to write about her she was my best friend i took my pen name from her her name was Zoey well thanks for brightening my day            

                                                                                                                  Becky Chadbourne