For consideration

to all those out there,
these words i share,
firstly, take care,
then prepare,
for life is for livin’,
for lovin’ and givin’,
we’re small in comparison,
to the grander scale of this thing.

so each little creature,
let them teach yah,
that no matter how big or small,
we all,
have a reason, a purpose,
to call,
that which is ours,
a state cutaneous,
what we,
exist in to be.

Of body and mind,
each and every kind,
bare in mind,
for in there,
we shall find,

such thing as humanity.

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I like it. It's pretty good.

I like it. It's pretty good. Ur picture may scare me (alot), but you can write nice poems =)


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my picture is of a smile, wide and colorful, why does that scare you? your bambi picture does not scare me, however it could do, knowing what bambi faces,
see the color and the smile,

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such thing as humanity

A wonderful piece, wise words and true meaning.
Great poem,
keep penning