to be

somewhat ramblings

here we are free,

where words 

speak so silently,

yet in the mind,

are spoken visually


to be

or not

tis all we've got,

when pen or quill

the ink doth fill

to scribe

as meaning to be.



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To Be

To be is to exist between the lines of now and the edge of then; hoping there will be anext minute to live inside, glad to hold time in the mind like osmotic skin; letting go and grasping anything that appears to be new is to be as well as electing where the feet should dream. There are all kinds of to be's, most of them are semi-permeable and hard to wrangle with mental or physical riata. To be is to write, to read, to explain. To be is to run, to wait, to exhale. Being means owning and earning, swimming, sinking, floating, holding on to any stray plank of wood bobbing by on the sea of existing. Questions have no causes or form of the verb to be: it is the question. 


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the question has no answer

the question is just as,

answers are solutions,

what are we,

Descartes, never really explained,

just 'I am'

is all thats said,

what yet is existence,

where is all this then led,