Perminant PMS

Mess with me once

You sure aren't bright

Mess with me twice

I just might bite

Third time you say?

Yeah, it's always a charm

Fourth times wrong

Count on bodily harm

Author's Notes/Comments: 

:D Smile :D

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Butch Lesley's picture

After 30 years of marrige, I do get a chuckle out of this one. There are times when a smart man will sit down shut up and keep his feet off the furniture...*smiles*

Netta Jack's picture

I also have a poem on PMS. It is comedy also. I like the way you bring PMS to life. You are quite talented and this poem made me laugh out loud.

Springtime Rose's picture

HaHaHa! This is great!

Marilyn Adams's picture

Very cute!

mwhatim's picture

I liked this one it was fun..........good stuff stay safe :o)