Before I go

I just want you to know

That your're the reason

I walked out the do'

You treated me rude

Ignored me half the time

Why get mad at me

For having a life in mind

So I burnt all your clothes

Threw your shoes in the trash

Made it look like a party

Had myself a big bash

All your shit is gone

How am I wrong

I put up with your abuse

For much too long

Got punched in the eye

Knocked straight off my feet

Sometimes I had to look in the garbage

For a few scraps to eat

I kept taking you back

Time and time again

Until one day you came home

And beat me until no end

Doctors said the scars would heal

The exterior ones anyway

You came to the hospital

With flowers that day

Stupid ass of mine

Took you back, no questions asked

Now I regret that decision

When I look back at my past

But the next time you hit me

My bags were all packed

Salvage what shit I didn't destroy

I'm gone now, All you see is my back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not personal. Just a message that I hope will knock a lot of women back into reality.

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Don juan's picture

VERY GOOD POEM! good intentions also but if a ass whooping can't make them leave words sure can't like big momma used to say you gotta love yourself huney

Rhonda M's picture

Good writing. And I agree more women should walk out that do'. It's hard to do at first but worth it in the end.