And This Is The End

So this is what the end is like?

May I take my final bow?

If you read about my life,

Would it affect you?

And how?

I have conquered devastation and fear.

Grieved deaths of those so near.

I never gave up the fight,

Until I saw that guiding light.

And where do you think the story nears?

An unseen death, so many tears?

No sir, not for me, not here,

Because I died of too many beers!

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Cecily Hope's picture

I loved how deep the poem was right until the very end. *laughs* I liked it!

running_with_rabbits's picture

lol this is funny and good and kinda true which is scari lol but on the poetic note : "So this is what the end it like?" this makes no sense , i think u meant so this is what the end is like here but u never know. but then agian if the person is drunk and dyin form beer, it just might work better that way thanks for the read love always ashley

Much Love


Malcolm McCaffery's picture

this is interesting, kind of funny too. good work. malc.