One Truth And A Thousand Lies

Lost Love


You walk by and waves a smile
My heart leaps for half a mile
We said goodbye in the sweetest way
But I know you're with someone else that day


You tell the words I long to hear
Makes me wish that you are here
You whispered how much you want to be with me
But I know in your mind there's someone else you see

You shout to the world what I mean to you
See the happiness again that once took from you
When we're together the clock ticks so vividly fast
And I know you'll still cry for someone else in your past

You said you love me I wanted to cry
Because I love you too with a butterfly
You kiss me and then put me to sleep
And I know someone else's memory lingers on your lips

All this time I know your hidden lies
Chose to be blind and just forget the why's
I can live with this or you could see me through
But I know it will be just far from being true

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you choose to deceive the people you love, you also choose to break their trust on you. The truth will always resurface even if you bury it with so many lies. You don't fool love, for when it hit you, you won't find it, it's all gone.

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Hello there

Thankyou for reading I really appreciate it a lot. :) but i think i still need to improve my writing. I think the lines were long for a poem. (Self-criticizing here) i need advice, and you're always welcome. 


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Lost Love

I like a good glad you're gonna be gone soon poem - sublime rhymes - Just Bein' Stella