I'm lost in this wide open world of craziness,

Not knowing which way is up,

Locked up in this room,

Thoughts every which way I turn,

Slowly getting more depressed as the clock ticks on and on,

Nothing going on,

All the source of light is the light glimming from the computer screen,

Talking to random people about all the issues,

Thinking it is going to help,

All I need is to see my sister or Ashley,

I ask for nothing more,

Roiting away on the inside,

Hiding all the pains and fears with a welcoming smile on the outside,

Taken away from my happy world of school,

Stuck in the same boring room from day to day,

Every second being able to just let out the tears too easily,

Hurts to know that the weakness is gradually taking over,

Just sitting waiting for the day that it has a mind of it's own,

To do what ever it wants to do,

All there is left to do is wait for insanity to come,

No one to impress,

Just one lonely little girl,

With nothing but her computer,

To keep her the littles bit sane,

But the hopes of having the computer do that now,

Is basically nothing she spends so much time on it now,

It's like it is her world just sit and type away,

Thinking that typing something to a friend will help her know that they are really there,

It's just typing does it mean anything at all,

Who will ever know,

All she needs isn't much that she is asking for,

But you won't give it to her just because you don't like this one person,

Wow you must feel real low right now,

And if you don't just wait when the little girl,

Gets all her power and might she will so make you feel like you are tinier than an ant,

Just watch your back you never know where or what she is thinking,

Or what she is ploting,

You think that she is just some little girl who is,


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Sarah Somebody's picture

Hey I like this poem. :-) Although, I think it's better to be lost, than it is to be found.