Over Protective

Over protective,

Sometimes I just don't want to hear it,

Just let me go out and have fun for once,

Please I am asking you,

I am 14 I'm not a little girl anymore,

Stop including me in others people stuff,

I don't care if something else is pissing you off,

You need to stop thinking about that,

Clear your mind,

And listen to my question,

Answer it with what you think would be the best for me,

Just because she didn't grow up the same as me,

Doesn't mean you have to think I am going to be the same,

We are polar oppoisites,

Can't you see that,

There might be something blocking that,

We talk about all this stuff,

I think you understand,

The next thing I know when I ask about something,

A few seconds later I get a good strong no,

To me it doesn't look like you tried,

Next time reconsider it,

And let's try and work it out so we both get something out of it,

I'm sick of fights,

They make me wanna hurl,

Over protective.

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Hey,this poem is extremely good.I can deffinetly relate to it as well.